Morelo - luxury motorhomes now available in CarGO! Pomerania

Morelo - luxury motorhomes now available in CarGO! Pomerania – main image

We are not afraid to say that Morelo has belonged to the last 10 years in the caravanning scene. This young brand took the market by storm and immediately gained a lot of fans. This is evidenced by, inter alia, annual interest in vehicles from Morelo at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. That is why we feel that the appearance of this brand on the Polish market will cause great confusion! We look forward to the next trade fair, the more so as it is there that Morelo, as a brand belonging to the premium segment, records record-high sales.

Meanwhile, vehicles from this German brand can be seen live in the CarGO branch! in Pomerania. The first demonstration camper is already on the square and the rest will be available any day. If you want to see the full offer from Morelo, be sure to check out CarGO!


Record interest - Morelo motorhomes

Where did Morelo's great success come from? The revolutionary changes introduced by the creators of the brand undoubtedly contributed to this. Uncompromising solutions in the interior and distinctive bodywork meant that Morelo was quickly appreciated by caravanning fans. The numbers tell a lot about the brand's success - this year alone, 103 Morelo motorhomes were sold at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf!


Morelo motorhomes - technology worth attention

Individual motorhomes from Morelo are distinguished by solutions tailored to the needs of travelers. For example, Home, the smallest motorhome of this brand, has kept its compact design, making it agile. The slightly larger Loft offers additional space for those who appreciate great comfort while traveling. The next models, i.e. the majestic Palace and the flagship of Empire, are among the most recognizable models. And no wonder - Morelo is simply a synonym of a luxury travel!

Before we go to the description of the interior, a few more words about technology. The base for motorhomes is Iveco Daily or Mercedes Benz Atego. It is also worth saying a little about the lengths of these vehicles, after all, they are quite impressive! Depending on the model, motorhomes from Morelo range in length from 7.5 m to 11.80 m, and GVW from 5.8 t to 15 t.

Noteworthy is the solid construction, i.e. the walls and the roof with the XPS core and the sheathing made of aluminum. The technology of joining the panels eliminates the risk of any thermal bridges. You should also appreciate the internal floor, which consists of a sandwich construction with a PVC coating in the colors of the wood. Importantly, the floor is completely water-resistant.


Royal comfort - Morelo PALACE

Morelo in CarGO! passed a truly royal entrance! The Morelo PALACE 93 LSB camper with a GVM of 7.49 t, built on the basis of an Iveco Daily 70C, has already arrived at the headquarters in Pomerania. The model is equipped with a double bed at the rear of the motorhome. Additionally, the vehicle has a spacious bathroom with toilet and plenty of luggage space. Morelo Palace provides a place to sleep for 4 people (in front of the cab there is an electrically lowered bed) and 4 places to ride. Tastefully selected colors, as well as walls and ceiling covered with eco-leather, give the vehicle an exclusive look.


The comfort of use is undoubtedly influenced by the fully pneumatic suspension of the front and rear axles with the automatic leveling function. What's more, the motorhome also has supports stabilizing the vehicle when parked, which ensures perfect positioning in virtually all conditions.


We could not fail to mention the 200 liter tank. With him, overcoming long distances will certainly not be a big problem! Of course, the motorhome also has a dynamic 210hp engine and an automatic 8-speed gearbox. The car is equipped with everything you need for long journeys. 2 lithium-ion batteries each 210 Ah, solar panels 2x130 W, satellite dish and 2 TVs (32 and 24 inch), and even a 6-meter electric awning with LED lighting and dimmer. Roof air-conditioning will ensure thermal comfort in summer, and the ALDE system will certainly be useful during cooler days or frosty nights.

More information about the company's assortment and the MORELO brand on the websites:

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