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The Frankia I 840 motorhome in the Platinum Edition version was recognized by the British magazine "Motorhome Monthly Magazine" as the best luxury motorhome of 2014. What did it deserve such a name?

Frankia I 840, like other motorhomes of this brand, has many features that make it stand out from the mass of motorhomes. First of all, it has an integrated body, completely unlike the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Sprinter , although these cars are the basis for a motorhome.

In the case of the platinum edition, a Mercedes with a 190 HP engine combined with a 7-speed automatic transmission was used. But it was not the body or the engine that made it the Luxury Motorhome of The Year award. Probably the most important argument for the jurors was the fact that the Frankia Platinum Edition is a car that can do without the traditionally understood 230 V mains! Solar panels take care of electricity on board almost entirely!

Solar powered devices

Four 72-cell solar panels with a nominal power of 360 Wp are mounted on the car roof. Each panel has two modules which, thanks to a different arrangement, eliminate problems resulting from the changing insolation.

Solar energy is stored in three batteries, and then converted into 230 V current using a 1500 W converter. If the motorhome is to be used in poor sunlight (e.g. in winter), an additional fuel cell system can be used for emergency energy generation, integrated with the solar system.

The car in this version costs from 145 thousand. euro (in Germany), and the standard equipment includes, among others 22 inch flat screen TV, satellite system and air conditioning .

Other versions are also interesting

But let's get down to earth. The platinum edition is not listed among the variants available on the brand's website. Platinum is primarily a show of the technical capabilities of the Frankia company, which was intended to attract the attention of the media (as you can see - it was successful). But the more ordinary versions are also interesting.

Frankia I 840 in the "Mercedes" version has a permissible total weight of 5.3 tons . The length of the motorhome is 8,580 mm , width 2,300 mm, and height - 3,150 mm. Whether you like your car visually is a matter of taste, but everyone will probably appreciate the large amount of storage space available from the outside . They include large under-floor compartments for storing heavy luggage, a compartment for 2 gas cylinders, access to the tanks, and a hiding place for electrical devices.

Rail table and other surprises

Inside, a great patent is a table that can be freely moved along a rail mounted in the floor. Thanks to this, we can set it in various places, depending on the temporary need.

The practical kitchen with a high-quality L-shaped worktop is also easy to appreciate. The kitchen area is well equipped. We find in it, among others cooker hood, 4-burner stove (1 electric burner, 3 gas burners) and even an oven.

A motorhome with three rooms

Particularly noteworthy is the bathroom compartment located between the sleeping and living areas. One or two sides can be fenced off in the bathroom. By closing the door on both sides, we divide the motorhome into 3 rooms in total.

The bathroom turns out to be quite spacious, and this impression is enhanced by a large mirror . But it is not just a matter of subjective feeling - the toilet part has a place for a shower cubicle , which looks almost identical to the cabins installed in homes. Additionally, mounted transverse tubes allow you to conveniently hang the garment during bathing or, for example, to dry it.

In the living area there is a fold- down bed that can hang from the ceiling during the day. Interesting fact - a stylish, round clock is placed under the bed. The second bed is mounted at the rear of the vehicle. It can consist of two separate beds, but after unfolding the central part it turns into a large bed, in which up to 3 people can sleep comfortably.

So we don't have to go looking for the platinum edition to appreciate the convenience that Frankia offers.

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