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Niesmann + Bischoff GmbH is a German company that currently offers only two vehicles. They are fully integrated Arto and Talent motorhomes . Let's take a look at the cheaper one.

There is a reason to dedicate an article to the Arto model. In the plebiscite of The Motorhome Awards 2013, this motorhome won the title of Luxury Coachbuilt Of The Year 2013 .

Although what you like is a very subjective issue, let's agree that beauty is not the greatest asset of this vehicle. It will be undisputed that the appearance is original. It is impossible to find any connections with the Fiat Ducato it is based on, and it is easy to distinguish it from other motorhomes.

More in sight

Although the Arto has low suspension (AL-KO), the floor has been placed much higher than the lower body line. This probably results in more space in the storage compartments, but it makes it difficult to enter the vehicle - it is worth using the retractable steps for this purpose.

What, according to the manufacturer, is one of the greatest strengths of Arto is the amount of space inside. In some models, the shower cubicle measures 0.62 square meters , which means that even tall people should not feel discomfort while showering. A wide passage was also taken care of and that the people sitting on the sofas in the salon part had as much of the vehicle as possible within sight . This gives the effect of spaciousness and supposedly translates into better well-being of passengers.

The manufacturer also paid a lot of attention to the issue of heating and ventilation. Tests have shown that in winter conditions the car heats up much faster than indicated by the specification of the thermal system used. In turn, ventilation is additionally supported by a system of channels hidden in the floor and behind the furniture. Fresh air helps protect your motorhome from mold and fungus.

The toilet in this motorhome can be hidden

This does not mean, however, that Arto has only advantages. As in many German models, also in this (in some versions) access to the toilet is only possible through the shower tray. Let us emphasize, however, that there are also versions in which the toilet seat can be completely… hidden by sliding it into the garage part. In this way, more space can be provided in the bathroom area.

Another downside is the lighting. Although LED lamps were used, they are missing, for example, on the bottom of the drop-down bed in the front part of the cabin. When the bed is integrated into the ceiling, it can be dark underneath.

There is a lot to choose from

Arto is available in 17 interior configurations and in various lengths. Therefore, in two vehicles representing the same model, we may encounter a different amount of space.

The shortest, Arto 59 GL, is 6,471 mm long, and the longest (88 LE) measures 8,766 mm . A consequence of the size is also the weight, and thus the permissible total weight. In the shorter versions, it is 3.5 tons, but in the longest version it is up to 5 tons.

Prices also vary - in Germany they range from approx. 67 thousand. up to approx. 90 thousand euro , depending on the version. Of course, this applies to variants with standard equipment.

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