Niesmann + Bischoff in new variants 2016

Niesmann + Bischoff in new variants 2016 – main image

Niesmann + Bischoff is probably the most designer brand among all motorhome manufacturers. Proof? The company recently won an award in the German Design Award 2016 competition, and previously it was awarded, among others, as part of the Red Dot Design Award.

What can we expect in 2016? There will be no revolution, but it may be good, because Niesmann + Bischoff motorhomes only needed minor cosmetic procedures to make them dazzling with their beauty again.

Motorhomes that dictate fashion

The designers of the brand have managed to give their motorhomes a characteristic "face", which definitely attracts attention, but not in a controversial way, but in a way that causes common admiration and desire. When looking at an Arto or Flair model, it's hard to suppress the urge to grab the steering wheel of such a vehicle.

The new Niesmann + Bischoff models will be recognized by a chrome-colored strip that spreads over the radiator grille and round headlights. This strip curves, narrowing at the sides.

It reminds me a bit of the style of the latest Renault models, with the strip running over the dummy running smoothly into the daytime running lights. If someone cheated on someone, let's not forget that Niesmann + Bischoff was the first.

Perhaps we are dealing with a completely new phenomenon, when a motorhome manufacturer is the first to set trends in automotive fashion.

Flair 920 LS - the longest and the best

For 2016, Niesmann + Bischoff has prepared one new variant of the luxury Flair model and three versions of the Arto motorhome , which is one segment lower in the manufacturer's offer. At the same time, as many as seven old floor plans were withdrawn from sale. In total, Flair is currently available in eight and Arto in thirteen variants.

For the manufacturer, the most important novelty is, of course, Flair - if only for prestigious reasons. The 920 LS model is the longest version of the brand's top camper . So it is a vehicle that we can consider as a showcase of Niesmann + Bischoff.

This variant is not distinguished by luxurious-looking interior fittings, because modern design can be found in absolutely every model of this German company. The 920 LS is distinguished by an additional wardrobe, which provides a huge (for a motorhome) amount of storage space and a spacious kitchen in the shape resembling the letter L (although not at right angles!).

The total length of this version is 927 cm, but the permissible total weight is 7.2 tons. It is worth paying attention to the huge tanks - 370-liter for water and 250-liter for sewage. The car has a 137 cm high garage. Basic version price? Well ... approx. 159 thousand. euro.

Minor changes to the Arto variants

It will be cheaper in the case of Arto, because we can buy the cheapest model there for about 88 thousand. euro. However, we are talking about a motorhome measuring "only" 699 cm.

Among the novelties, we have a slightly larger variant of 72 L for 94 thousand. euro. Its total length is 723 cm , which is to be a compromise between the aforementioned 66L version and the larger (and more expensive) models. Will the new model prove to be a bestseller? A large double transverse bed at the back , as well as a round table (like in the larger models) and a large amount of storage space will help in this.

Among the mid-length models, the new model 79 F is 792 cm long . Its distinguishing feature is a large queen bed, reportedly especially popular with customers from France. The price of this model slightly exceeds 100 thousand. euro .

Also new is the plan called 88 EK . With a length of 876 cm , it belongs to the longest Arto group. Informing about the changes, Niesmann + Bischoff mainly points to the enlarged working area in the kitchen compared to older models. We are also happy with a 200-liter water tank and a 150-liter waste water tank. The price is slightly above 110,000. euro .

Let us add that Niesmann + Bischoff campers have just taken the top places in the poll of the German magazine Promobil. In the "Liner" category, readers awarded the Flair model first , and in the category of integrated motorhomes for over 70,000 PLN. Euro, Arto took second place. So not only we dream of driving such a designer baby.

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