New Integra - luxury from Eura Mobil

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Eura Mobil informed the media well in advance about the premiere of its Integra model. Although the official show will take place at the turn of August and September 2017, we can already see photos of the prototype. Probably in this version the vehicle will be available for sale.

Integra is the highest-ranking model in the Eura Mobil vehicle hierarchy - it is not surprising that the manufacturer pays special attention to it and tries to arouse the greatest interest around it. However, is the new model able to surprise us with anything? Let's check.

Discreet luxury

The integrated motorhome of the German brand may be appealing, but the first look is unlikely to evoke the cry of "wow!". To appreciate the designers' efforts, you first need to get used to the shape of the chrome grill and LED lenses hidden behind angular lampshades. You may like the Integra, but its charm is definitely discreet.


There can be no doubt, however, that the interior of the show model has been finished "richly", although it will not - fortunately - be a luxury at the level of a Donald Trump mansion. The furniture in dark brown, veneered wood is finished with a high gloss finish. The kitchen countertop looks as if it has been covered with white marble. Even the cover on the sink has the same design, so it fits perfectly with the rest of the countertop. In turn, the gas stove burners are hidden under glass covers based on aluminum-colored legs.

Let's also look at the faucets in the kitchen (with a pull-out spout), bathroom, shower, or the silvering stripes on the upper and lower cabinets. Do not miss the white leather upholstery of the seats, but also the carpeted floor covering the wood- like floor. For this rounding of furniture or window blinds resembling curtains - there are many details in this motorhome, which in a more or less subtle way emphasize the luxurious aspirations of the manufacturer.

What the manufacturer himself draws attention to is lighting . Probably all lighting elements in this motorhome - both external and internal - were made in LED technology. Headlights, animated rear lights, and very rich and adjustable strips and light points in the interior - all this can really make a big impression. Even the sliding interior doors are illuminated .

Equipment follows aspirations

It would be strange, however, if the uniqueness of the top Eura Mobil model was reduced only to aesthetics. Equipment is also important, although we don't know much about it yet. Of course, the manufacturer emphasizes what proves luxury, such as 5-channel speakers , electrically adjustable (and in many dimensions) seats, or a 32-inch TV set. The shower with wall heating and, of course, with atmospheric lighting is also a revelation.


For us, however, practical values are of no less importance. So we can appreciate the wardrobe for clothes, the contents of which can be pulled out into the interior of the motorhome with one movement , a practical bar with holders for bottles and glasses, an electric coffee machine, a nicely integrated cooker hood, or a two-piece gas cooker cover.

Numerous lockers (also in the floor), a well-organized garage (with the possibility of attaching transported items and a non-slip floor) - these are the elements that the owners of the new Integra will surely appreciate every day.

What the manufacturer boasts is also the unprecedented precision of the assembly of individual elements, which can be achieved thanks to the new production technology.

Although this model is not yet produced, its price in Germany is already known. Prices will start from 90,000 euros . At this price, we will get a vehicle based on Fiat Ducato (130 KM) with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons and a length of 716 cm. Two to four people will be able to travel in a motorhome.

Officially, the motorhome will be shown during the next edition of Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf - you can read about the event here.

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