Security systems in motorhomes and caravans

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The risk of staying overnight in a motorhome or caravan is particularly high if we decide to use an unguarded place. In this way, we endanger not only our property, but also our health and, in extreme cases, our lives. A number of anti-burglary security measures and caution will help to minimize the risk of organizing night stops in dangerous areas, to say the least. The basic division of security systems is to distinguish them into mechanical and electronic security.

Mechanical security

Mechanical security is the basic type of device that protects the trailer against falling into the wrong hands. Anti-theft locks and wedges are popularly used, which prevent the trailer from moving freely. Companies specializing in the production of this type of equipment include LAS, Venus and AL-KO. The cost of buying a blockade does not exceed PLN 200 and in a large number of cases discourages the thief from committing theft. However, it is not a reliable system, besides, it is necessary to dismantle the set frequently and then reinstall it.

Caravans should be equipped with anti-burglary locks and a securing device. Such anti-burglary protection must be characterized by a solid structure and a material resistant to sawing or cutting. Each opening through which you can get inside the trailer, i.e. both doors, windows and hatches, is taken into account. Additional security is the installation of anti-burglary locks to the residential part of the caravan. When looking for an anti-theft lock for our motorhome model, you can choose from offers from companies such as Fiamma, Purple Linne, HEOSafe and Movera. Anti-theft locks are easy to use and convenient, but require professional assembly. The price of such a set is from 150 to about 400 PLN. On the other hand, the value of the securing devices for the hitch varies, depending on the company, manufacturer and model of the trailer. You can find sales offers starting from several dozen zlotys, while some companies set prices in the range of several hundred zlotys.

Electronic security

Installed mainly in the internal part of motorhomes and caravans, electronic security devices clearly signal the appearance of an unauthorized person. They are the surest way to protect your property. The functioning system is activated when the owner leaves the cabin. The protection is activated manually by entering a code. Wireless anti-theft alarms consist of detectors which, after registering an intruder in a given area, transmit a signal to the alarm control unit. A signaling system is activated, which informs about the break-in by sound, light and sending a text message to the telephone numbers indicated by the system user. The signaling devices are mounted outside the motorhome in order to draw attention to the thief, and inside the cabin to stun the burglar a bit. The alarm system is controlled using the remote control and the control panel keyboard. Motion sensors cannot be installed very close (less than one and a half meters) from heat sources. Protect them from sunlight.

Sensors and the principle of their operation

The aforementioned sensors can be activated depending on various external factors. The most popular are motion sensors, i.e. passive or active detectors. The correct operation of passive detectors is based on the use of the phenomenon of thermal radiation change. As a result, any rapid change in the temperature of objects in the controlled area is considered an intruder's entry. In turn, active motion detectors, ensuring the safety of our motorhomes, are based on the observation of the frequency of electromagnetic waves, which increases when humans appear. Active motion sensors are placed away from doors, windows and electrical appliances. The use of motion sensors has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, they allow the owner of the trailer to be notified about a break-in, but they can cause false alarms. It can be tiring to have to constantly activate and disarm the alarm. The price of the basic alarm set, which includes a motion and gas sensor, is around PLN 800. Packages enriched with additional devices and functions cost correspondingly more.

The high level of safety in motorhomes is ensured by a narcotic gas detector. Such a sensor makes it possible to react when the thief wants to lull our vigilance in a literal way, using a strong intoxicant. Exceeding the allowable dose of a hazardous gas is signaled in a similar way to the operation of the motion alarm system. Popular gas sensors for caravans are Elro, Movera and Ams products. When deciding to buy an anti-burglary protection, you should take into account the trailer model, because the matched security systems usually perform better in their role. Remember to carry out periodic inspections and to repair devices immediately when a defect occurs.


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