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The standard suspension installed in motorhomes can withstand a lot of loads. However, to drive more comfortably and feel more confident in the corners, you can easily upgrade it without spending millions.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to install airbags in our motorhome.

Writing this article, I am after the first 6000 km, during which I had the opportunity to check the advantages of this solution.

Stable in turns

What is most noticeable after assembly is the much better stability when cornering. Our motorhome is rather charged all the time to the limit and sometimes I even cross this border.

Due to the above, I had to slow down very hard on curves or roundabouts, because the vehicle had a tendency to tilt quite a bit. Now, in the air springs, I can inflate the airbags, which will make the suspension harder and the swaying stops.


Hard or soft suspension

I regulate the inflation level of the cushions myself using two buttons located on the steering wheel. Importantly - I can make this adjustment even while driving, to quickly choose the right pressure to obtain the best comfort or type of surface.


If I am driving on a rather potholed road, I deflate some air and the suspension becomes softer, better choosing unevenness and the motorhome does not bounce. On highways and roads with good surface conditions, I increase the pressure and the suspension becomes harder. This virtually eliminates the side gust felt when overtaking trucks.

On the indicators, I can see what pressure the pillows are currently inflated, which allows you to quickly set the appropriate level.

Leveling and stabilization of the motorhome at a standstill

The cushions are mounted only in the rear suspension, which allows me to lightly maneuver the rear of the motorhome up or down. Thanks to this, many times I was able to give up taking the ramps from the garage to level the motorhome. It was enough to deflate the cushions, which lowers the rear of the motorhome by about 10cm - maybe it's not much, but in most cases it is enough.

In addition to leveling, we can also stabilize the motorhome at a standstill. By pumping the cushions to the level of 6 bar, we will stiffen the rear suspension properly so that it does not swing too much when stationary.

This solution will not replace the hydraulic supports, which we had the opportunity to test in motorhomes with a GVM over 3.5t, but in many cases it will be sufficient.

Importantly - I can independently adjust the height of the left or right side, it also facilitates leveling to a much greater extent.

Inflating wheels and inflatable toys


I have a double-piston compressor installed in the entrance sill to the driver's seat.

A great solution is the possibility of attaching a gun with a barometer, which allows you to pump wheels from the vehicle or what is most useful when camping with children - inflating inflatable toys. I even bought a suitable adapter for SUPA and I no longer have to swing the pump for 15 minutes in 30 degrees heat.

Pumping does not take place very quickly, but it definitely facilitates this activity - in order to inflate the SUPA, the compressor must run for about 15 minutes until it reaches the right pressure.

Purchase and assembly


To sum up, I am very pleased with the air suspension and I will equip it with every motorhome that I will drive for a long time.

The purchase and assembly of the suspension took place at MTT System from Gliwice , which is a 100% Polish company and all production takes place there. This allows for quick order fulfillment and constant availability of spare parts.

The company is constantly developing a network of its partners throughout Europe, where you can purchase and install their suspensions - all information on this subject can be found on their website

MTT System has suspensions for all commercial vehicles available on the Polish market, i.e. every motorhome with a serial chassis of Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot or Volkswagen can be equipped with the suspension of this company. The exception is campers with a chassis modified by AL-KO.

If you would like to order exactly the same set that we have, you have to ask for:

- 2 air springs with a mounting kit designed for your vehicle

- Premium controller (in leather upholstery) 2DB - independent control of the right and left side (controller mounted in the dashboard)

- compressor 12V 200PSI X380 with a kit designed for external pumping

What is the cost of an air suspension for a motorhome?

When it comes to MTT System solutions, the set of cushions with a compressor starts from PLN 1,900 gross. The same set that I installed at home costs PLN 2,500 gross.

The above price should be supplemented with assembly, the price of which depends on the difficulty and technical condition of the car.



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