Maneuver, or mover in a caravan

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I fondly remember the times when, as a boy, I observed scenes of neighbors helping to set up the trailer at every campsite. Whenever there was a problem, after disconnecting the tow truck, a neighbor (or several) appeared almost immediately and the problem was "under control" in a blink of an eye. Everyone helped by pushing, pulling and positioning as much as they could. Such manifestations of human kindness united and built bonds and belonging to the group centered around this beautiful hobby.

However, several decades have passed and the world has moved forward. Maneuvering with the popular "N" cars was, despite all the nostalgia, less troublesome than with the currently popular models, often reaching 1,500-2,000 kg. Moreover, our trailers are much more self-sufficient today, and as a result, our habits have changed - when traveling outside the season, staying in the wild or choosing isolated places, we often have to arrange the sets ourselves.

A long trailer usually means that it is not only difficult for us to park wherever we want, but also often difficult to park on our own property. This is where a device called "mover" comes in handy - it is well known to the experienced caravanning brothers, but for many novices it may seem like an unnecessary gadget. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Once you experience the convenience of these nice systems, you won't want to travel without them.

Trailer mover – which one to choose?

As with many gadgets, the deciding factor is our budget. But what is the difference between economical models and more expensive ones?

The principle of operation of the mover is similar regardless of the manufacturer and model. The differences concern the axle pressing system (remote control or manual with a key), as well as the power of the mover or its purpose depending on the number of axles in the trailer (there are dedicated solutions for 2-axle trailers.

Mover is not a cheap solution, but it gives us incredible convenience. Browsing through the offer of various models from CarGO! from Poznań, in the category of 2-engine movers you can find an economical model with manual pressure:


Interestingly, this model is also available in a limited edition version with automatic clamp:


Taking into account the power generated by both of the above models, they will perform perfectly even in two-axle trailers.

For the most demanding owners of large 2-axle trailers weighing up to 3,100 kg, Truma has created an uncompromising, 4-engine model:


Mover in a trailer – what to remember?

Let's remember that in addition to the mover itself, we must also provide for the installation of a battery with a charger, as well as to ensure an easily accessible location of the emergency socket for the mover key. Ready-made sets can be found, for example, for Truma factories:


Let us remember that the control system of such a heavy vehicle may cause chaos or even disaster in the event of a failure or interruption of the connection between the remote control and the maneuvering device. Therefore, an emergency stop switch with a key disconnecting the system should be easily accessible from the outside.

What do we gain by deciding to install a "maneuver"?

  • Easy maneuvering in almost any conditions, even on slopes up to 15%.
  • Parking and changing the location on the campsite/property without using a tow truck.
  • Safe and precise coupling and uncoupling of the trailer without the risk of damage to the tow truck and/or the risk of rolling away/loss of control.

When investing in a trailer maneuvering device, it is best to entrust this task to professionals. CarGO is not only a camper specialist. Impressive sales results of Hobby and Adria trailers put them among the leading dealers in the country, and the dynamically operating service will help you select and, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, install all types of additional equipment, including a mover.

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This article was prepared in cooperation with CarGO!
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