Dethleffs trailers for 2022 - model dizziness

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We recently described what's new on board Dethleffs motorhomes for 2022. Today it's time for caravans. What will the new systems be and what changes can we expect in the current models?

AERO - jubilee bestseller


The Dethleffs AERO series turned out to be a success on European markets, constituting a kind of bridge between the budget C'JOY / C'GO and the CAMPER line. AERO's furore is probably due to the 90th anniversary of the Dethleffs brand introduced this year - among other things, the package includes 17-inch alloy wheels, smooth aluminum cover and a DHW boiler.

The anniversary edition remains on offer for 2022, and the entire portfolio will be expanded with 3 new models (Aero 470 EL, 470 FSK and 490 QSK). Excellent value for money and a multitude of different systems (8 variants) with a DMC of 1300-1500 kg make this series a really interesting proposition for both couples and families with children. Thanks to a durable and high-quality construction, a hail-resistant roof made of a laminate of resins and an optional winter package, we can travel with these caravans in all conditions without worrying about temperature or tightness.

CAMPER, NOMAD, BEDUIN - new layouts and stylistic changes



The biggest design changes will be recorded in the middle and upper class, i.e. in the Camper, Nomad and Beduin Scandinavia models. Updated exterior lines, a new rear end with low-set, visually attractive LED lighting and a black diffuser at the base of the rear wall.

On the side of the above-mentioned models, this year we will not find veneers in the form of a wide, bottom strip, but only a thin line under the window. Additional stickers will be around the side windows on the front of the trailers.
The Camper series will be enriched with the 510 EL model with single beds measuring 85x200 cm at the rear. The width of the trailer is 230 cm. In front of a comfortable lounge with sofas around the table. A large kitchen with a 142 liter fridge-freezer is an additional advantage.

Nomad's assortment will be expanded by a 2-person layout with a 250 cm wide building. The 520 ELT combines a spacious rear bathroom with a large living room in the center, a kitchen and single beds in the front. The mentioned bathroom covers the entire width of the caravan and is equipped with a separate shower cubicle.

The most new products can be found in the Bedouin Scandinavia range. As the name suggests, the model line was developed for the most demanding escapades in winter conditions. As caravanning in our latitudes is gaining more and more fans from autumn to spring, the offer of equipment is also enjoying a growing interest. Dethleffs himself considers Bedouin his flagships. Many of the latest solutions are used in these models before they reach the cheaper segments. New products for 2022 are 550BET, 550RD and 550SE - all are 230 cm wide and measure exactly 675 cm (length without the drawbar) and identical GVW - 1800 kg.

The Bedouin Scandinavia 550 BET convinces with a huge, elegant kitchen at the front, stretched across the entire width of the building. The central part is a spacious living room with a table, horseshoe-shaped sofas and an additional sofa on the opposite side. Single beds and a large bathroom in the back are additional features of the model.
In 550 RD we find a layout typical for many motorhomes - next to the entrance we have a wardrobe, and in front of it there is a kitchen with a refrigerator. Further, separated by a corridor, a sanitary module with a toilet and a washbasin, and a shower cubicle. Here we have the option of separating the entire bathroom with a lockable door. The rear bedroom is a large queen bed and side wardrobes.



The huge living room of the 550 SE model with a sofa and a cabinet with space for a pull-out TV up to 32 '' placed opposite is a perfect oasis of relaxation. Separate beds in the back can be easily transformed into a huge bed for the whole family (nominally the caravan has 3 sleeping places, including the living room).

In our opinion - Dethleffs keeps the level

In total, the Camper series includes 13 systems, Nomad has 13, and Bedouin Scandinavia - 10. With such a wide selection, everyone will find a version that suits their individual needs. Personally, I would like the Bedouin Scandinavia model based on the Nomad FKR730 with a separate shower cubicle. Maybe in the coming years Dethleffs will propose something similar ... As a fan of the brand, after seeing the new products for 2022 during the fairs in Düsseldorf, Poznań and Nadarzyn, I definitely confirm that it is still decent and durable equipment. You can also see that, unlike other factories, the proverbial accountant has not yet started to rule here.

If you are interested in the news of the Dethleffs brand, we are in a hurry to inform you that the authorized representative and service center isthe Camping Center based in Kutno. The company has branches in Warsaw, Poznań and Gdynia - be sure to visit them at .

Current vehicle offers can be found at the following link:

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