The new Adria Supersonic - the Slovenian star enters the showrooms

Adria Supersonic

Without a star, there is no driving - says an old folk proverb. The creators of the latest, top Adria model also took them to heart. The design, based on the latest Mercedes Sprinter, confirms in every respect that it belongs to the premium segment. Does it have the makings of a true icon? We invite you to read!

Timeless comfort, design and performance - these are the pillars on which the concept of the latest installment of the Slovenian manufacturer's flagship was created. From the outside, the design is typical of the brand. The newly developed front grille with integrated bumper and integrated HELLA bi-LED lighting catches the eye. The elegantly sloping rear wall with a sophisticated, modern shaped beam with integrated lights is also a distinctive visual highlight of Adria's latest designs. The whole has already been appreciated by experts in the field of design - this is confirmed by the prestigious German Design Award 2023 and Red Dot Award 2023.

Adria Supersonic 890 LL

Adria Supersonic bodywork

The construction is based on the proven Comprex construction, combining the advantages of fiberglass (roof, rear wall) and aluminum (side walls) and polyurethane (thermal insulation). Thanks to this, the whole is rigid, tight and well insulated. The "Thermo-Build" and Air Flow standards are further elements of the Adria philosophy that make up a motorhome adapted to all weather conditions. The Alde heating system and advanced solutions to control the microclimate on board are the standard equipment of the Supersonic.

Four Supersonic chips with different DMC

Supersonic is and is supposed to be an uncompromising beast - this is confirmed by the dimensions and permissible weight of the proposed vehicles. The model line includes 2 shorter variants with 2 axles - 780SL and 780DC (the length of each of them is 780 cm, and the GVW is 4500 kg ) and the 3-axle giants 890LL and 890LC (890 cm long and as much as 5500 kg GVW). The width of each vehicle is 232 cm and the height is 296 cm. All of them are nominally designed for 4 people and have the same number of sleeping places. That's it for the "dry" numbers. What are the differences between the individual motorhomes?

Adria Supersonic 780 SL

Adria Supersonic 780 SL

Adria Supersonic 780 SL is a classic "family" layout , where in the back we find two separate beds (each 198x81 cm) with the possibility of joining them into one large bed (the connecting element is 160x48 cm). Moving forward, we pass a spacious shower cabin and a toilet with a sink (of course, these rooms can be closed separately or combined to create a comfortable bathing room). Next, we are greeted by a kitchen with a 3-burner stove and a sink (the working space of the worktop is noteworthy for a motorhome). Opposite there is an absorption fridge with a capacity of 177l and an oven. The entrance door in the Supersonic (regardless of the model) measures 65 cm wide and is equipped with excellent quality fittings and hinges, a storage compartment and (as befits a vehicle of this class) glazing with a blackout pleat. Vis-à-vis the entrance is the living room - it consists of a single seat to the right of the entrance, a spacious table with an "L"-shaped sofa surrounding it, and, of course, swivel chauffeur seats. Above them - classically - an electrically lowered bed measuring 190x150 cm.

Adria Supersonic 780 DC

Adria Supersonic 780 DC

Supersonic 780DC, in turn, differs from its predecessor in three important aspects: in the back we find a double bed measuring 195x150 cm, a toilet with a washbasin and a shower cabin are located on the opposite sides, and the living room consists of sofas placed in the popular "face to face" arrangement.

The declared curb weight in running order is 3,620 kg for both variants. Load reserves of less than 900 kg will allow you to start holiday preparations rather stress-free.

Adria Supersonic 890LC and 890LL

Adria Supersonic 890 LL

Adria Supersonic 890LC and 890 LL are almost twin constructions, and they differ only in the arrangement of beds (separate beds with the possibility of joining at the back in the LL model and a double bed in the LC model). The considerable length of the vehicles translates into space inside - we have a spacious sofa at the entrance and a large L-shaped seating area around a large table. There is also room for additional wardrobes and storage space next to the fridge and in front of the shower.

A common feature of all models is a large interior height (204 cm of clearance is impressive) and a large amount of space for storing luggage and accessories, both in the double floor, cabinets and wardrobes near the ceiling and under the beds, as well as in monstrous garages - service hatches are standard equal on both sides and measure 120 x 85 cm in the clear.

Adria Supersonic – always a sure choice

If you intend to buy an uncompromising premium class motorhome, then you can't pass by this proposal indifferently. Unique, modern design, the highest quality of materials and workmanship combined with legendary durability are the hallmarks of Adria's flagship models. There are also no objections to the quality of driving - the base is a thoroughbred Mercedes that provides excellent driving quality , smooth gear changes and a wide range of systems supporting the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers.

For more information, it is best to contact the exclusive representative of the brand, ELCAMP from Krakow, directly.


Adria Supersonic 780 SL
Adria Supersonic 890 LL salon
Adria Supersonic 780 SL salon
Adria Supersonic 890 LL kuchnia
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