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Welcome to Hungary!

A country with a very exotic language has many attractions. One of the popular Hungarian cities is Győr, situated on the Raba and Danube, in the northwest of the country. It is also a resort with the first women's handball team in Hungary. The name "Győr" comes from the Avar language and means defense fortresses built on a circular plan. But what captivates visitors is the beautiful, baroque architecture of the monuments.

An interesting fact about Győr is that the Town Hall (Városhaza) is not, as in most Hungarian centers, located in the center of the Old Town, but away from it - on a 19th-century square. The building is distinguished by a 58-meter tower topped with a clock.

Historic city center

On the Chapter Hill (Káptalandomb), tourists pay attention to the cathedral first. Its oldest fragments come from the 11th century. The temple was rebuilt many times, so today it combines Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque features. Inside, you can see wall ornaments, a magnificent altar and frescoes by Anton Maulbertsch. One of the most valuable monuments of the temple is the Irish painting of the Weeping Madonna.

On the northwestern edge of the hill there is the Bishop's Palace. The oldest part of the tower comes from the 13th century, but the building is visually characterized by the Baroque style. On the other side, there is the Héderváry Chapel, where the skull of the canonized King Ladislaus after the death of King Władysław, decorated with precious stones, silver and gold, was kept for many years. Today it is housed in the cathedral museum, and tourists see it only once a year, on St. Władysław (June 27). On the other hand, the bishop-martyr Vilmos Apor is buried in the chapel.

Széchenyi Square (Széchenyi tér) is considered to be the main square of the city. It is extensive, but there is only the 17th-century column of the Virgin Mary, commemorating the liberation of Buda from the Turkish occupation. In summer, the square resounds with loud music - it hosts music and theater festivals, as well as events on the city's holiday. In the southern part of the square there is the 17th-century Benedictine church of St. Ignatius, and behind the building - a monastery from the same period.

Miracles of Győr

The lowest point in the city is the Vienna Gate Square (Bécsi Kapu tér). Residents believe that the Madonna of the Frothy Waves located in the Carmelite church saved the square from flooding during the flood in the 18th century. Believing it is an individual matter, which does not change the fact that until today it has not been possible to explain how the square avoided flooding, unlike the districts located above.

Two of the most beautiful tenement houses in the city stand by Bécsi Kapu tér. The first one is also the oldest building in Győr (it dates from 1620), while the second one impresses with its front façade with the coat of arms of the building owners. On the other side of the square there are remains of the medieval defensive wall surrounding the city. Some fragments of the old fortress, from which the city is named, have also been preserved.

Campsites nearby

It is a good idea to come here with your own camper van. One of the nearby campsites is the year-round Halászkert Kis-Duna (Gabonarakpart 6, 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár), where the approximate prices for two adults stay in the range of 15.60-21.10 euro / day. The cost includes space for the vehicle and access to electricity.

The campsite is located close to the river, approx. 3 km from the motorway exit. In the season you can go horse riding (children can also ride pony), play tennis and bowling, and you can use the outdoor swimming pool all year round - it is heated. The campsite has a shop and restaurant, you can also replace the gas cylinder.

The second recommended place is the Sá-Ra Termál Kft campsite (Fürdö út 5, 9437 Hegykö). Also year-round, it tempts families with children - there is a playground, a heated paddling pool and a sports field waiting for them. On the other hand, adults can use the thermal pool, beauty salon, and two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), heated in winter. A fast food bar with take-away options is open all year round. The cost of a stay for two people is approximately 22.40-32.30 euro / day.

Another campsite is worth paying attention to, Pihenö (Dunasor 1, 9011 Györ / Kertváros). Like its predecessors, it is open all year round, two adults can stay there for about 14.30 euro / day in low season and about 20.70 euro / day in high season. Within the campsite you can freely grill, use the sauna and common room, as well as the shop and the restaurant.

Győr - not only monuments

Speaking of swimming pools, it is worth mentioning that the attraction of Győr is also the year-round swimming pool, which does not use chlorine. There are two slides and five pools with water massage benches, geysers, a wild river and a cave with a waterfall. Additionally, you can go to the sauna, undergo therapeutic massages and use the fast food bar or restaurant. The cost of a full-day ticket for an adult is HUF 2,450 (about PLN 37).

There are people who say that Győr is not the most beautiful city in Hungary. It is possible, but at the same time it is one of a kind and worth getting to know.


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