The most-read articles in the tips section in 2019

The most read articles in the advice section are those about costs. You are mainly interested in the costs of renting, buying or rebuilding the vehicle. You often read about tips on how to rent a motorhome, often also to decide after the holidays if you want to buy your own, and if so, what. Or maybe a trailer? :)

Note that the articles were not written in 2019, but of all the articles available, they are the ones that are the most popular.

A camper van on vacation - how much does it cost?

RV rental, tolls, fuel costs and other expenses. Read on if you want to know what budget to set for your first camping holiday.

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Is it profitable to convert a bus into a campervan on your own?

Thanks to self-rebuilt vans - caravanning becomes more accessible for many of us, for whom financial possibilities do not allow to buy a new camper.

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Roof top tent - a modern way to camp

These tents are not only a modern, but also a cheap way to start your adventure with caravanning. Roof tents always make a splash at caravanning fairs.

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How does an overrun brake work?

Exactly - how?

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Purchase of a motorhome or caravan - who can deduct VAT and on what terms?

In recent years, a lot of new motorhome rentals have been created in Poland, so the topic of VAT is still on the top.

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"Nothing human ..." or cleaning toilets in motorhomes

We should remember to pour dirty water and waste from the chemical toilet only to places intended for this purpose. It is very important!

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What can a policeman (and what not) do during a roadside check?

You are eager to read about road regulations in Poland and in Europe, and as you can see, you want to be aware of your rights as well. Bravo you!

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Differences between a naturally aspirated and a turbocharged engine - service and operation

Operating costs, performance and characteristics - read before buying a camper or camper van.

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Ideas for camping dishes

Caravanners are full of ideas for quick and interesting dishes prepared on a grill, fire or simply on a gas stove.

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What is the best motorhome? Or maybe a trailer?

Ah… if it were that simple. Our journalist comes face to face with a question for which there is no clear answer.

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