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According to Greek mythology, the nymph Aegina was forced by Zeus to become one of his lovers. The debauched god kidnapped her to the island of Ojnone, where she bore him a son. Years later, Ajakos returned to the island and named it after his mother.

The most beautiful Greek island, which probably no one has heard of yet - this is how The Huffington Post website called Aegina. In fact, despite all its charm, it is not as popular with tourists as it could. Although that does not absolutely mean that it is not popular. Not at all. Vacationers often visit her during their stay in Athens, which is only a short distance away. A large percentage of people who come to Aegina want to spend the weekend or more time calmly, enjoying the lack of crowds and intimacy.

The island is located in the Saronic Gulf. You can get there by ferry from the port of Piraeus (it takes about 1.5 hours) or by hydrofoil (the journey takes about 45 minutes).

Pistachio Aegina

Eginas appeal to tourists who love unhurried walks along a long sandy beach and want to get to know a place in the best possible way, rather than "tick off" points on the list of attractions, as a result of not paying any attention to any of them. In summer, numerous concerts and festivals take place here. In the evenings, life revolves around the port, where small, colorful boats gently swing on the water. It is worth noting that Aegina is a great base for the other islands of the archipelago.

Lovers of antiquity will be satisfied with their stay, as they will be able to see the Doric temple of Aphaia, as well as learn about the exhibits of the oldest Archaeological Museum in Greece . Amateurs of regional cuisine, who like to discover new flavors while on vacation, will also be pleased. Aegina is covered with vine plantations, and almonds, olives and figs are grown there.

Pistachios are the island's undisputed number one . You can buy them in any form - raw, salted, baked, in chocolate, they are made of, among others. jams and liqueurs. In mid-September, Aegina hosts a pistachio nut festival.

Visitors to the island also have the opportunity to purchase carefully crafted pottery and other local crafts.

Diving, sightseeing and yoga on the beach

Tourists who want to get to know Aegina in detail can visit it by bike and on horseback (20 euro / hour). In turn, those wishing to calm down will find excellent conditions for practicing yoga on the island. What's more, for several years now, people have been able to take yoga lessons on the beach - including those at Agia Marina, Souvala, Vagia, Marathonas and Aeginitissa.

One of the many options for exploring the island and its surroundings are excursions by rented boat. These are one-day cruises during which you can see both Aegina and its neighbors. Diving enthusiasts will have the chance to literally and figuratively explore the best snorkeling spots. Among the attractions of the cruise are the island of Moni , inhabited by deer, peacocks and goats, Agistri (visit the village of Skala, getting to know the nudist beach and caves where you can swim) and diving with seals. With a bit of luck, the participants of the expedition will also see turtles.

You can also discover the attractions of the islets on a guided tour. Tourists can go to the village of Pachia Rachi , which is home to many more than a century-old, lovingly restored houses. The guide will also show them the coastal town of Portes , lead them through a pine forest to the Agia Marina resort, located next to the Temple of Afai, and to the village of Paleachora in the heart of the island, where you can see historic churches. Of course, it is impossible to ignore Aegina itself, its bustling market and port.

As you can see, there is really a lot to see on the beautiful island and its vicinity. After all, this is the place where Achilles' grandfather was born, and where Nikos Kazandzakis wrote "The Greek Zorba".

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