The smile of a dolphin in Mali Lošinj

The smile of a dolphin in Mali Lošinj – main image

According to legends, Jason, in search of the golden fleece, sailed with his team to the shores of Lošinj. The island delighted their contemporaries, it also delights today, especially lovers of water sports. And dolphins.

Whether in winter or hot summer, the Croatian island of Lošinj cannot complain about the lack of interest from tourists from all over Europe. Its heart is Mali Lošinj - despite the name, it is the largest city on the island. It is well connected with other towns on Lošinj, as well as with the neighboring island of Cres. It is located in the Augusta Bay, and thanks to its location, it is an ideal starting point for tourists who want to get to know all the attractive points of the area.

The two islands, Lošinj and Cres, are connected like an umbilical cord by an 11-meter channel.

The dolphin's smile

As the inhabitants of Mali Lošinj deal with fishing, the resort will satisfy every taste of fish dishes when it comes to cuisine. The aromas of fried, grilled or smoked fish come from practically every corner. In addition, the menu does not lack dishes with asparagus, the restaurant specializes also in truffles.

The city is famous not only for bells, fillets and carcasses served on a plate. Many species of fish live in the surrounding waters, and the lucky ones can also spot dolphins watering happily.

Mali Lošinj is proud to be the largest sports fishing center in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Water sports enthusiasts come here from different countries, and local rentals offer all kinds of equipment - including surfing, windsurfing and diving. Amateurs of sailing, motorboat rides and water skiing will also not be disappointed.


Those who prefer to explore the land have many options. The friendly climate and beautiful landscapes tempt you both for hiking and for burning calories on a two-track. There are also playing fields and tennis courts in the resort.

Walk around Mali Lošinj

Apart from the temples - the church of St. Martin and the Basilica of the Virgin Mary (Mala Gospa) with the relics of St. Romulus - the Piperata Collection of Old Masters deserves attention, i.e. a museum with the works of the most famous Italian artists from the 16th century to the 20th century.

For those looking for a traditional beach holiday, it is probably the most important thing that Mali Lošinj is the largest resort on the island. The coastline in this part of Lošinj is jagged and divided into a number of smaller and larger coves. The local flora is not afraid of water - many trees give the impression that they want to leave the island and set off to discover a new one. The vegetation covers the wharf up to the roots plunging in warm water in many places.


Campsite not far from Mali Lošinj

Where can I stay while on the island? A great option - especially for families with children - is the year-round Camp Čikat , located in a cove of the same name of extraordinary beauty. As far as the eye can see, we will see magnificent gardens and Art Nouveau villas. The facility is surrounded by a pine forest, and guests have easy access to walking paths, thanks to which they can visit the most beautiful parts of the coast. The center of Mali Lošinj is approximately 2 km away. A standard stand with access to electricity costs from 6.50 to 11 HRK per day, while the cost of an adult's accommodation is 7-10.80 HRK per day.

Toddlers will have a great time at the Pepé family amusement park , while older children will have a great time thanks to the wide range of fun and sports games on offer at the campsite. From July 2015, guests can enjoy one more attraction - the water park . In the high season (July 1 - September 15), an admission ticket for people over 7 years old costs HRK 100, and for children 3-7 years old it costs HRK 70. From September 16, prices drop to HRK 70 and 40, respectively. Children up to 3 years old can swim for free.

Aquapark, beautiful beaches, dolphins, lush greenery and lots of sun. What more could you ask for on a seaside holiday?

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