Santorini - the sky is closer than you think

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Who does not associate a photo of a table standing on a terribly white terrace overlooking an even more terrifyingly blue sea? On cool autumn evenings, you can peek at them, sigh and dream about drinking coffee in the morning on such a terrace, blissfully gazing at the vastness of water and setting your face to the rays of the sun. Such photos often come from advertisements for apartments in Santorini.

A recipe for love

What ensures a couple in love prosperity for many years - apart from love? Being able to compromise, supporting another person, listening to each other ... Every relationship has its recipe for happiness. Some believe that a visit to Santorini will guarantee a lasting feeling. This does not only apply to the inhabitants of Greece - lovers come to the island from many countries, and traces of their stay (closed padlocks or the initials in hearts carved on rocks) can be seen in many places.

Carving in the rock is easy here due to the softness of the material. One of the most loved Greek islands is a volcanic island. All the buildings on it, ranging from private houses, to guesthouses, and ending with luxury hotels, are carved in the rock. Their number is limited (more will simply not fit), which is quite painful for tourists - high prices. The most reputable hotels offer accommodation for several hundred euros.

The sands of Santorini

One of the greatest attractions of Santorini are the beaches. The island owes its volcanic rocks not only its original architecture, but also the colors of the sand. Guests have the opportunity to relax on the "classic" golden beach, as well as on the white, red ( Red Beach ) and black Kamari . It is an almost 2 km long beach lying at the foot of Mesa Wuno, a rock that grows straight out of the sea. North of Kamari there is a second black beach called Monolithos .


The most famous beach in the south of Santorini is the one in Perissa , a town with a center full of taverns, pubs and restaurants. The coast in this part is made for long walks. During the trip, we will reach Perivolos , where you will find young people who want to dance until they drop in clubs, as well as go crazy while practicing water sports.

Cities of Devil's Island

The main resort of the island is Fira , perched on the cliff, while Kamari boasts the most extensive accommodation base. Its hotels provide guests with beautiful views of the beaches. A representative promenade stretches along them, especially crowded in the evenings.


Kamari is also a great base for visiting the rest of the island. During your vacation in Santorini, it is worth visiting, among others Pirgos , a village of white houses and winding streets, and Akrotiri , where the remains of the ancient Minoran Thera were discovered. Imerovigli , situated on a high hill above the sunken volcano crater, is also a frequently visited resort. The caldera is beautifully visible from there.

Camping in Santorini

Santorini Camping, Bangalows & Youth Hostel is 350 meters from Fira. It advertises itself as one of the most beautiful campgrounds in Greece. If this reason does not seem to be sufficient to know it, it is definitely the location - it is close to practically every point of the island. It has a large swimming pool, and offers guests places in comfortable rooms, in tents as well as pitches for caravans and campers.

An adult will spend the night there, depending on the season, for 7.5-12.5 euro. A place for a trailer costs 5-7 euros a day. The campsite is open from March 1 to November 30.

The end of November is the end of the season in Santorini. After this period, the island is quiet, which does not mean that it falls asleep. After all, it is called the Devil's Island for a reason.

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