Which sports camera should you choose for winter madness?

Which sports camera should you choose for winter madness? – main image

This year winter was not very kind for fans of madness on the slopes. Fortunately, there were several weeks of intense frost, thanks to which our beautiful mountains were covered with white snow, and skiers and snowboarders could freely ski on the slopes and admire unusual views.

Skiing and snowboarding is a great adrenaline rush. These sports disciplines improve fitness and overall fitness, but most of all they give great satisfaction. So it's worth capturing your winter madness with a sports camera. Below you will find an overview of the best cameras that are recommended by experienced athletes.

Drift HD Ghost

Ghost is a camera that is definitely one of the best on the market. It produces a brilliant image that has good colors and satisfactory tonal dynamics. The video shows the details and basically there are no errors that sometimes occur in other digital cameras during recording. The Ghost webcam is best mounted on a helmet with a special adapter (preferably designed for convex surfaces). The camera can also be mounted directly to a ski or snowboard (in this case, an adapter for flat surfaces will be useful). The camera can be attached in a selected place on the helmet, which eliminates the risk of tearing the device. Ghost footage is of high quality and will surely be a nice souvenir.

Rollei HD Bullet 5S

Another camera that you should get yourself before going to the snowy mountains. Videos captured with this model are crisp and very detailed. The colors are also good, although Ghost fares slightly better in this respect. The camera can be mounted in various places - on the helmet (on its top or side), on the goggle strap, on the torso. The device can also be attached to the ski. The equipment is easy to use and even a layman can handle this task. The movies recorded from the belt level are very interesting and allow you to increase your viewing experience.

GoPro Hero 4

A clear favorite among sports cameras. The equipment of this brand is one of the most-bought by amateurs and professionals. GoPro Hero 4 can record 4K movies at 30 frames per second. The camera makes it possible to perform the so-called "Slow motion" without loss of image quality and with full fluidity. The housing is waterproof, so the camera will be useful not only during winter madness, but also in summer, when we want to take shots in a rainy climate.

BenQ SP2

The huge advantage of the webcam is its small size. We can also control the device remotely using a dedicated controller. The controller is in the form of a watch and can be used in this very role. Thanks to BenQ, we can preview the image without removing the camera. The camera has wi-i, oled screen, and its housing is waterproof and can withstand immersion at a depth of 60 meters without any problems. BenQ is the best proposition for all-round athletes who are active all year round - in winter they enjoy snow under the board, and in summer they are happy to engage in water sports).

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