Eye to eye with a moose or picnic in the Kampinos Forest – image 1
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Eye to eye with a moose or picnic in the Kampinos Forest

We always have a small problem with a picnic - if we want to make the most of these five days for relaxation, not for riding, then we exclude long and strenuous trips. On the other hand, our immediate vicinity is already so touring that it is difficult to find anything surprising here. This time we decided to look a bit further and head towards Warsaw. We admit without hitting that we have so far avoided the capital during our camping trips. We associated it with crowds, traffic jams and gigantic prices for camping. We completely forgot about the fact that we have one of the most famous Polish primeval forests just outside Warsaw - the Kampinos Forest. Time to catch up!.

The Wieluń Region – image 1
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The Wieluń Region

When traveling around Wieluń , you can get the impression that this area is little known to caravanning enthusiasts, which is a pity, because they have a lot to offer and hide a lot of tourism potential, which is just about to develop. After studying a few guides, reading all available forum threads and calculating the route, we decided to choose these areas for the long weekend in June. At the beginning, positive: Wieluń has one of the best organized interactive maps I have ever seen - I strongly encourage you to explore it (the staff requires a bit of practice, but it's worth it!) And writing down the exact coordinates of all the attractions you want to see (they are detailed there). We did not do it and we regret it, because we did not manage to see half of the planned attractions, but more on that in a moment ...

Stawy Milickie - weekend in Wielkopolska – image 1
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Stawy Milickie - weekend in Wielkopolska

Although it is still cold outside and the sun is only shyly sticking out the nose from behind the clouds, thirsty for camper experiences and encouraged by nice weather, we went for our first weekend with a camper this season. Of course, as usual on the day of departure, the so far beautiful weather had turned bad, but what could be done - we took warmer clothes, stocked ourselves up with water for tea and left Kalisz right after work. Right behind Odolanów, in the small town of Sośnie, there is a unique Moja Wola manor house. Currently falling into disrepair, it is an extraordinary architectural structure whose façade is covered with ... bark. It looks worse and worse every year, so it's worth seeing it before it completely falls apart. We parked at the renovated Stanica Harcerska and then, through a beautifully wooded park, we reached the manor house. The facility is closed (which is a pity, because the inside is also nice), but it is accessible to visitors from the outside.

Poland bottom up – image 1
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Poland bottom up

We travel in a Hyundai Trajet with a vestibule - which has served us: Ance, Marek and 4.5-year-old Kuba as a substitute for a camper for 2 years. We do not like sitting on the spot, so we spend up to 4 days in each of the cities we visit. We visit whatever we can nearby - by bike or by car, and we keep going. We appreciate regional food (although we will not eat everything because we are veg), small breweries and interesting people. The routes are dictated mainly by life - friends visited along the way, festivals in which we want to participate or simply interesting places found on the Internet. Before we collected money for a real camper, we decided to visit Poland - we started in 2012 and so, during the next vacation we managed to achieve our goal step by step. We will finish the last stage in 2015 in the camper. We have already seen a lot, but there are still many places to be discovered - and so far only Poland :).