Discover the taste of adventure at the Travelers' Festival at TOUR SALON 2020

Discover the taste of adventure at the Travelers' Festival at TOUR SALON 2020 – main image

Through Kazakhstan on bamboo bikes. Pamir Highway with Fiat Panda. USA in 3 weeks. These stories and many more will be available during TOUR SALON 2020.

For several years, TOUR SALON has been a place not only for presenting interesting places that are worth visiting and attractions that must be seen. The main axis of the event is the Travelers' Festival, who share their experiences from trips to the most distant corners of the world, and advise where to go on the weekend, to places close to us, and how interesting.

Among the invited guests of this year's edition of the Festival there will be Dorota Chojnowska - the author of the blog Ale beautiful świat - dare to dream. In 2019, she traveled to Kazakhstan and will share this experience with the fair guests. It will be a story about the steppe, freedom and tengri - the religion of the ancestors. There will also be breathtaking landscapes and flavors of traditional cuisine, with pancakes, lepioszki and plow.

Adam Borowicz, known from the series of programs “To je Borowicz. Travels with taste ”. During this meeting, we will taste, among others in Georgia, Scotland and the Canary Islands.


Magda Gorlas, who together with Karolina Jonderko formed the first Polish team to take part in the "Mongol Rally", will also appear on the market stage, covering all types of roads, forests, mountains, steppes, deserts, rivers and reaching the finish line in Ulan-Ude. It was a journey through 15 countries. 18,000 km in 6 weeks is an amazing adventure and we will hear about it during TOUR SALON.

The festival will also be attended by Kasia and Łukasz - the authors of the blog Where the Sun Rises for Us, who will report on their journey through the Balkans. It will be about the meeting point of cultures, with a difficult history, beautiful landscapes and paradise beaches. In turn, Marcin Gladała and Paweł Wach from the Soloists' Club will tell you how to prepare for the first trip to the USA and which trekking routes in Iceland are the most spectacular. It is also worth meeting with the creators of the Camprest website, who will share their experience and advise you on how to prepare for a vacation trip in a motorhome.

We recommend meeting with Kasia Węgrzyn, the author of the blog Where in Poland for the weekend, who traveled kilometers of underground routes, visited objects with an unusual history, found places to sleep in tents hanging on the slopes to all those who want to discover Poland as part of their trips. mountains, she discovered the hobbit's huts and a hotel with interiors straight from Alice in Wonderland. You will be surprised how much there is to see in Poland.

Meetings with travelers and the TOUR SALON 2020 fair are held on February 14-16. Visitors will find attractions of the exhibitors and extraordinary stories about places, people, tastes, traditions - stories that will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the place with all your senses.


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Discover the taste of adventure at the Travelers&#39; Festival at TOUR SALON 2020 – image 1

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