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Standing at the top of Borobudur and gazing at the horizon visible from behind the stupas, we can feel a strange longing in our hearts. This is where time stops, the air slows down, and the mind clears. We are in the Buddha sanctuary.

Wouldn't it be beautiful if the recipe for happiness was to touch a statue's heel or toe? Just touch it lightly and make a mental wish to change your life. Apparently, on the hill temple called Borobudur, there is a Buddha figure that brings happiness to those who touch it. In the case of men, attention should be directed to the toe of the statue, and women should touch the heel of the prophet.

But before we try to tame fate in this way, we must get to that temple. It is located on the island of Java, near the city of Magelang , about 40 km from Jogjakarta, from which you can reach it by bus. The journey should not take us more than 1.5 hours. From the bus station, you can walk to the main gates of Borobudur, and there is a fee of $ 15 (or - for students - $ 8). You can also pay in euros.

A sarong can be rented at the entrance. Without it, women are not allowed to enter the temple.

Magic of Borobudur

The hill-temple had to wait to be discovered. After a period of its splendor for several hundred years, it was decaying and losing its importance, until in the 19th century its value was noticed by one of the British officers. At the beginning of the last century, the building was completely rebuilt by the Dutch. In 1991 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List .

Borobudur is one of the largest Buddhist worship sites in the world. It was probably established between 750 and 850 AD, but it is not known by whose orders or for what purpose. It is surrounded by the plain of Kedu, covered in dense jungle. From the top of the temple there is a breathtaking view of the green areas.

Borobudur itself also impresses - above all with its monumentality. It is 35 meters high and consists of several terraces, the lowest of which has a side length of 111 meters. At the top of the highest terrace there are 72 stupas , structures resembling great bells. They are three-dimensional models of enlightenment. Through the characteristic openings, you can see the insides of the stupas. Most contain figures of a meditating Buddha (dhyanibudda).


Buddhists regard stupas as symbols of the prophet's presence. They circle them clockwise three times to ensure good karma.

Walk the Buddha Way

Borobudur has no interior spaces. It was designed so that the faithful could wander the road decorated with reliefs illustrating scenes from the life of the prophet. The route is about 6 km long.

The Borobuduru complex is divided into three parts: the zone of desire (Kamadhatu) at the lowest level, the zone of pure form (Rupadhatu) at the middle level with six square terraces, and the immaterial zone of pure spirit (Arupadhatu) at the highest level with three huge circular terraces. The hike up towards the stupas is an unforgettable experience for both Buddhists and tourists who want to know the secrets of this most peaceful religion.

If you have more time, you can stay in one of the few guesthouses waiting for guests in the village, near the temple. People who prefer staying in a hotel will have no problem finding the perfect place. Historical cities such as Magelang, Surakarta (Solo) or Jogjakarta tempt with a rich offer of accommodation. The dream in Java will be strong - after such impressions and views it cannot be otherwise.

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