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In ancient times, the island of Rab was popular with the Romans who built summer residences on it. Nowadays Croatian beauty does not complain about the lack of interest of tourists, especially families with children.

According to various sources, the sun's rays illuminate Rab for almost 2,500 hours a year, so you can be sure of a wonderful aura during your vacation. The island is located in Croatia, in the Kvarner Bay. It is well connected with the mainland thanks to frequent ferries and catamarans. Ferries depart from Stinica (the village in front of Jablanac) and go to Mišnjak . The second option is to take the ferry between Rab and Krk (Valbiska - Lopar). The journey to Mišnjak takes place every 1-2 hours and takes about a quarter of an hour, while the second ferry leaves twice a day, reaching the destination in 1.5 hours.

Take the ferry to Rab

In high season, you have to be prepared to wait in long lines both when entering and leaving the island, as long as you do not use the ferry early enough (sometimes it even means 5.30). The most convenient way to get around Rab is by bus. It runs between the city of Rab and other resorts of the island - Lopar, Kampor, Barbat and Suha Punta.

It is worth adding that on the way to the ferry harbor we will pass Senj , a small tourist destination. Although it is treated by many as a transit point, it deserves attention - especially for people who arrived late and are looking for accommodation. There are two camps in the vicinity of Senj, and there are several hotels in the resort itself.

Rab - an island of bays

Rab can pride itself on the exceptional diversity of its coastline - outstanding even for Croatia. From the bird's eye view, the coast looks as if it was gnawed by dozens of hungry maws, so many smaller and larger bays in it. The surface of the island is hilly and covered with oaks, and the Kamenjaku peak protects most of it from gusts of winds from the mainland.

There are several ways to explore the island, including by bike. Kilometers of trails await fans of two-wheelers, while amateurs of blissful lounging on the beach will not know which one to choose. The most beautiful beaches are Lopar (including the Raj beach with shallows, ideal for children and non-swimmers), Kampor, then the beaches of Banjol and Barbat.

Camping on the island of Rab - where will we spend the night?

Those who plan to stay at the campsite during their holidays on the island of Rab, and at the same time want to have the best possible access to the beach, will be delighted to stay at Kamp San Marino **** . It is located in the resort of Lopar, and right in front of it stretches the sandy crescent of Paradise Beach, the queen of Rab beaches. It waits for guests from April to October, offering campers a place for tents and shaded pitches for motorhomes and caravans. Tourists can also spend the night in hotel rooms and cottages. Depending on the season, the price for a motorhome or car with a trailer and access to electricity varies from EUR 9 to EUR 13 per day, while the accommodation costs from EUR 4.60 to EUR 8.10 per day.

The campsite is very popular with families with children - they can spend whole days on the beach and not get bored for a moment. Paradise Beach offers children many attractions, especially in summer. The entertainment palette includes aqua aerobics, sports tournaments, fitness with zumba, mini disco and lots of games and activities that stimulate the imagination. When we add to this animations such as Pirate Night, Mini Karaoke Party, Talent Show and Pijama Party, clown performances and various performances, it is easy to understand why many families come back here many times.

Rab tempts not only with its beaches and clear waters of the bays. Its forests (Dundo, Kalifront) are also delightful, as are parks (Komrčar Park). Walking routes are easy even for older and less physically active people. It is impossible to list all the attractions of the island - you have to come here and see how much it has to offer.

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