Istria - the land of active adventure

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Surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Istria is a dream destination for active travelers. Here you will find mountain peaks and valleys through which a rich network of trails leads and the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, ideal for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

The Pula and Brijuni National Parks are places where each of us, regardless of age, will be able to plunge into the depths to discover the world-famous wealth of underwater nature. You can even explore underground caves or ... discover mysterious wrecks sunk years ago. The famous Baredine cave will allow us to discover the most hidden secrets of the interior of the earth. Yes, for any adventurer, visiting Istria is a real paradise. And if we get on the bike, Istria will appear to us from a different, equally wonderful side! If we want, we can travel with the whole family on two wheels, getting to know the charm of small towns where time has stood still. We don't have to worry about whether everyone will be able to complete the route - thanks to the well-developed infrastructure in regions such as Cape Kamenjak, we can easily choose the route to our capabilities. After reaching the destination, all you need to do is enjoy the beauty of wild nature and admire the power of the rocky cliffs against which the sea waves crash.


Istria from the kitchen

Of course, what would a holiday in Croatia be without close encounters with Croatians, their world-famous hospitality and ... cuisine? Of course! Eating in Istria is another adventure that cannot be missed! Due to its location and history, this region is rich in flavors and aromas of various cultures. The most "feeling" here is the influence of delicious Italian cuisine - in almost every town we can taste gnocchi or polenta , and on the seashore - in a delicate scampi served with pasta and seafood.


The farther inland, the kitchen becomes simpler - but no less filling! For foodies, we especially recommend prsut - a local variation of the well-known Italian prosciutto . True taste seekers will surely enjoy the famous Istrian truffles - a delicacy considered to be one of the greatest (also the most expensive) on earth. And, of course, the vineyards - in its region, Istria is second to none! The mild Mediterranean climate and clean air allow the best grapevines to mature here. The east coast allows you to plunge into a real sea of wine aromas: delicate white wine malvasia or stronger red terranos sipped under a cloudless sky will allow you to escape the gray everyday life for a moment. Amateurs of stronger drinks will surely love the famous grappa - it is the alcohol content hidden in this local specificity that makes the fun, which we are sure to invite, last until dawn ...

Camping in Istria


It is worth planning your overnight stay in Istria well. A wide network of campsites allows you to choose the resort that will surely meet our expectations. That is why it is worth choosing the beautifully situated Naturist Camping Istra - an ideal resort dedicated to naturists - both for families and individual tourists. Located comfortably in the depths of an oak forest, providing shade on the hottest days, it allows you to relax according to your needs, with a sense of security and privacy. Convenient access to the beaches that have received the international "Blue Flag" status will convince even the most demanding sunbathers. The campsite has all the amenities that make your holiday in Istria an enjoyable one. Three restaurants, a well-stocked supermarket and a wide range of watersports will allow us to give back to the local cuisine ... and then burn all unnecessary calories in a pleasant way. The youngest will also love this place - the professionally run Maro Club is a place where the fun never ends! Well, there is nothing else to do but pack your bags and head towards magical Istria ...

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