Mondsee - the pearl of the Salzkammergut

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Upper Austria abounds in exceptionally picturesque places, enchanting with landscapes. Undoubtedly, Lake Mondsee can be considered one of the most beautiful among more than 70 lakes in the Salzkammergut region. It is the warmest reservoir in the whole region (water temperature in summer reaches 26 ° C), which makes it a real paradise for sailors, windsurfers, sunbathers and enthusiasts of hiking and cycling. On the northern shore of the lake, surrounded by history, mountains and greenery, is the charming town of the same name - Mondsee.


A town with a view of the mountains

Mondsee can guarantee visitors one thing: there is always something going on here. Most of the cultural events take place in the square located in the heart of the village. This tiny market square (you can read on the Internet that it is not larger than the area where we will build no more than two medium-sized apartments) focuses the entire social life of the town. Here you will find numerous cafes and restaurants serving local specialties. If we visit Mondsee in the summer, while sitting at a table in one of the cafes, we will witness the march of the local orchestra and learn about wonderful regional music. In August and September, a series of performances "Mondsee Jedermann" is organized in the Karlsgarten gardens . The history of these performances dates back to 1922 - actors dressed in traditional costumes and using their native language present viewers with timeless truths that material goods do not last forever. When we visit the town during the holiday season, we cannot miss the fair. It is a great opportunity to get to know Mondsee itself a little better, as well as its history and customs. And of course, tasting the local specialties: mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. When relaxing in this part of the region, it is impossible not to take advantage of the attractions provided by the proximity of the lake. The reservoir bearing the same name as the town is a destination for many tourists spending their holidays in Austria . It is a mecca for windsurfers, sailors and sunbathers. And here Mondsee boasts the largest beach in the whole Salzkammergut region - the beach of Alpine Beach . On the area of about 20 thousand. m² can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Vacationers have at their disposal water slides (115 m, 45 m and 15 m long), they can practice a number of water sports, including water skiing. On the beach itself you will also find numerous places to play volleyball, playgrounds and buffets.


Mondsee sounds

For fans of Robert Wise's films, Mondsee should be the point of honor of any trip to this region of Austria. It is here in St. Michael, the wedding of Maria and Baron von Trapp, the main characters of the musical "The Sounds of Music", a film made in 1965, took place. The temple has a richly decorated altar from the 17th century, which is in fact a gigantic reliquary that has become the resting place for several saints. The magnificent building has been renovated in recent years, which contributed to the honorable title of the monument of 2009 . It is also worth mentioning that the monastery next to the basilica was also renovated. At the same time, it was turned into an elegant hotel with a historical interior.


Camping in the Salzkammergut

Tourists wishing to relax surrounded by greenery will not be disappointed if they stop at Camp MondSeeLand . The campsite is located in the Salzkammergut area, between Mondsee and Irrsee. It is surrounded by forests and meadows, and in the distance, in the background, there are mountains. Nature lovers will be delighted. The facility is very well equipped, thanks to which vacationers will not miss anything to be happy. On its premises there are, among others a kiosk, a heated swimming pool, a pond, as well as a barbecue area where you can prepare your own fish. Next to the hotel complex there is a restaurant with delicious home-made dishes. The campsite has a wide range of facilities for children, including a playground with slides, swings and sandboxes.

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