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Orleans is associated with Joan of Arc, with the stone spans of the Royal Bridge hidden in the morning mist, with the gleaming colorful glow of the gothic facade of Hôtel Groslot, as well as with profiteroles, sweet puffs covered with hot chocolate.

Who has not heard of the Maid of Orléans? Probably everyone knows about Joan of Arc, for the same city she came from is not even half known as she is. A pity, because it has many advantages and even more charm. Malicious people call them - quite unfairly - the suburbs of Paris. Perhaps as a child's revenge for moving the capital here in the 15th century, after the city was liberated from the English occupation?

City of Joan of Arc

Orleans is situated on the Loire River in the center of France. Its most beautiful part is the old town surrounding the famous Cathedral of St. Cross . The huge gothic building that stunned Joanna so impressed even those who have already visited many parts of the world and have seen things that the average tourist does not see. The interior makes visitors aware of its small size - it stretches over the head with a high vault, attracts the eye with the rich colors of stained glass and delights with the sound of the organ. Every step echoes here.

We will get to the roof of the cathedral thanks to the spiral stairs. At the top, you can walk around the temple in a narrow gallery, admiring the city and the Loire below. We will see white houses with wooden frames, quiet courtyards and cobbled, narrow streets leading to romantic nooks.

The figure of the famous Maid of Orléans cannot be overlooked. In the center is the restored family home of the heroine who defeated the English. The real one burned down in a fire, and the one that can be visited today was rebuilt with great care. Every year there is a great feast in honor of Joan of Arc, and her statue wanders in a solemn procession, to be finally brought to the cathedral. The name of several squares, streets and monuments - with the most important square in Orléans, standing on Place du Martroi , also testify to whose city it is.

Walk around Orleans

While walking around the city, visit the Romanesque Collegiate Church of Saint Pierre le Puellier , the oldest temple in Orleans. Currently, it is used as a place for modern painting exhibitions, and in the past it served, among others, as a salt warehouse (after the Revolution).

Another noteworthy place is the church of Saint Pierre du Martroi . The Gothic temple catches the eye of viewers especially at night, when its courtyard is beautifully illuminated. After dark, the Hôtel Groslot also shines through the lights. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Orleans, the seat of the municipal government.

Orleans sweets

The city is not only the statues of the Virgin of Orleans or gothic cathedrals. During your stay, it is worth stocking up on delicious sweets, or at least trying them on the spot. On Rue Royale, under the arcades, is the Chocolaterie Royale , a pastry shop that produces chocolates according to a traditional recipe. Her sweets made the city famous throughout the country - just try them to understand why.

The profiterole is also delicious, served in the Cafe du Martroi , a cafe in the main square. Under this name are tiny puffs covered with hot chocolate. The filling role is played by vanilla ice cream.

And this is the end of the story about a city famous for its brave female warrior, about gothic cathedrals and delicious sweets. We're leaving Orleans. Those looking for an overnight stay can stay at Camping Municipal les Patures . The fee for a parking space for a motorhome is 15 euros, and a night of stay for an adult costs 3.7 euros. You can come here with your pet (1 euro per day). The campsite is about 10 km from Orléans and 50 meters from the river. The area will appeal to everyone who wants to rest in silence and love contact with water.

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