The summer capital of England - Brighton

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Prince George IV of Hanover was so enchanted by him that he built a palace in its very heart. He could rest here, enjoying the sea breeze and the beauty of numerous parks. What city is it? Brighton, the summer capital of England.

Great Britain is not only a sky covered with clouds, rain and English phlegmaticity. It can surprise tourists with cities full of greenery and beautiful monuments, and one of them is Brighton, considered the most visited seaside resort in the whole country.

One of the city's greatest advantages is its relatively close proximity to London. Brighton is situated in East Sussex, on the English Channel. Due to its location, it is sometimes referred to as the summer capital of England or "seaside London".

Brighton green and blue

In Brightonnikt, he will not feel the crowds and cramps typical of large cities. The combination of historic architecture with modern hotels, restaurants and shops adds to its charm. To the south there is the sea, while to the north there are arable lands with the South Downs and forests. People looking for peace and contact with nature will easily find it in one of the many gardens and parks.

You can also relax on Hove Lawns , a kilometer-long green belt running along the coast. The locals walk around it enjoying the sun and beautiful views, play volleyball and football here, as well as fly kites and organize family picnics.

Those who like more active leisure will sooner or later find their way to the largest marina in the British Isles - Brighton Marina . It can moor 1.3 thousand. boats, and its area covers 126 hectares. At the port, you can take diving and sailing lessons, as well as rent a charter yacht. There is also a fitness club, a 26-lane bowling alley and a cinema with 8 screens.

The most extravagant English monument

The pride of the city is the Royal Pavilion , a royal residence with a dome in the main hall. The building is huge and beautiful, and its interiors evoke associations with fabulously colorful and richly flowing Bollywood films. The style in which this imposing structure is designed is described as Indo-Saracenic. In the residence you will find tree-shaped chandeliers, images of dragons on the ceilings, and from the outside, the facade delights with a multitude of columns, towers and domes.

Near the building there is a building called Dome. Currently, it is the seat of the Museum and Art Gallery , and its exhibits include glass and furniture from Asia, Africa and the Americas. Visitors to the museum can see the rich art deco and Art Nouveau collections, pottery collections, and the famous Mae West lip-shaped sofa by Salvador Dali.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the residence was built Brighton Pier , a pier with a length of 524 m. In its immediate vicinity is the oldest aquarium in the world. Sea lovers will also be delighted with another attraction - the longest underwater observation tunnel in Great Britain. Walking along it, we can admire sharks, rays and other creatures of marine fauna.

Trek around Sussex

For visitors to Sussex, Brighton can be a great base for exploring other destinations in the region. Tourists who would like to come to these areas with a camper, can stay at The Caravan Club . It is in the city and costs an adult to sleep between £ 6.10 and £ 8.20. A parking space costs between £ 6.20 and £ 10.40 / day.

After your leisure time, you can continue your journey and discover many interesting places along the way, such as The Old Punch Bowl, which is a medieval house in Crawley. As you drive through the area, you can also visit Arundel and see the magnificent cathedral, former merchant houses or medieval castle, and visit the Arundel Wetland Center nature reserve and breathe in the fresh, clean air.

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