The three colors of Iceland

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There are seven colors on the rainbow that smoothly change from one to the other. Finding beauty in each of them guarantees an unforgettable aesthetic experience. Especially when we go to Iceland for this feast for the eyes.

Amazing rock formations, waterfalls falling from great heights, deep and dark caves full of mysterious nooks and crannies - the wonders of nature have delighted people for centuries, making them wonder about the ingenuity of nature. Many of them resemble the works of a giant who put a lot of effort into his work. If it did exist, the said giant would undoubtedly live in Iceland. Here, because the wealth of fanciful forms is breathtaking.

Black Waterfall

One of the most iconic works of nature in Iceland is the stunning Svartifoss waterfall , aka Black Falls, or Black Falls. It is surrounded by dark columns made of lava, looking like hewn with the enormous hand of an inspired sculptor. We can find him in Skaftafell National Park, on the southern coast of the island. Walking along the ravine towards the Black Waterfall, we can admire the contours of Mount Sjonasker on the horizon. The surroundings are very interesting, and exploring them is an amazing event for both the eyes and ... feet, however it sounds. Everything becomes clear when we see the lava fields covered with moss. Walking on them in thin-soled shoes can be painful.


Skaftafell Park is part of Vatnajökull National Park , the largest national park in Europe. There is a camping camp on its premises, from which you can go on a trip to the waterfall, as well as to the glacier (under the supervision of a guide). The location of the campsite allows you to enjoy the beautiful views immediately after waking up.

blue Lagoon

After black, it's time to turn blue. Bláa Lónið , or Blue Lagoon, is a spa located in a geothermal area. It is located in southwestern Iceland, about 50 km from Reykjavik, several kilometers south of the town of Keflavik. The water here is rich in minerals and salts that are effective in treating skin conditions, including silica. Its temperature is on average about 37 degrees. The admission ticket costs around 30 euros.

An interesting fact is that the Blue Lagoon is probably the only health resort in the world that was created as a "side effect" of the construction of a geothermal power plant. In the 1970s, blue water emerged from the boreholes, gradually attracting more people thirsting for a nourishing bath and silica mask - it is found in buckets arranged around the entire reservoir.

The Green Woods of Thor

Another color of Iceland is green. There is relatively little of it on the island, so in the place where it spreads cheekily and juicy, it pleases the eyes very much. We are talking about Thórsmörk, the valley known as the "Forests of Thor". It is located between three glaciers, and each of them has a name on which the average tourist will break his tongue: Tindfjallajökull, Myrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull.

The valley is one of the favorite places of Icelanders and visitors from abroad. Many of them spend their time here on long walks, as well as on several-day hikes, during which you can forget about the busy reality of the so-called the civilized world.

The flag of Iceland proudly displays three colors: blue, red and white. We, however, paid attention to green and black, setting them against blue. There are also many other colors on the beautiful, although a bit wild island, and each of them is worth discovering. And delight.

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