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Lago di Como is the deepest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. Lovers of the beauty of nature will be delighted with the views that can be seen next to it. Waiting for them include the "river of milk", a sea of flowers and sharp mountain peaks.

If we want to relax in a place where nature almost surrounds people with its beauty, Lago di Como, or Lake Como, will be a great choice. It is one of the most picturesquely situated lakes in the Alps. They are surrounded by high mountains covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation, and the lake itself is divided into 3 parts: Ramo di Como, Lago di Lecco and Ramo di Colico.

Lake Como - relaxation among flowers

Lago di Como is located in Lombardy, the richest region of Italy. Its shape resembles an inverted "Y", thanks to which it has a very long coastline. There are many beautiful towns around the reservoir, between which you can travel by ferries. Each town delights with something different, but they have one thing in common - they are very neat and clean, and full of flowers, which makes them look fabulous. No wonder the region is loved by tourists. For who would not like to sit down with an aromatic Italian coffee, in a restaurant surrounded by flowers with tables outside?

Lake Como owes its popularity not only to its beauty, but also to the climate that favors relaxation on the beach. The upper part of the reservoir is very popular with windsurfers due to the breva wind blowing. Despite its location in the mountains, it is very hot in summer, and in winter the temperature at the reservoir does not drop below zero. Interestingly, at the same time, the resort of Madonna di Campiglio, about 100 km away, is very frosty.

Attractions of the area

To say that the area is beautiful is definitely not enough. A big attraction for tourists is the small village of Fiumalatte. Its name comes from the brook that has its source in the Gringa Cave. It cascades, and after 250 meters it flows into Lake Como, foaming and turning white. It resembles a milk stream falling furiously from above, hence the name meaning “river of milk”.

Another picturesque town is located in the immediate vicinity of Fiumalatte. It delights visitors with its blooming gardens, colorful streets and a labyrinth of alleys. Tourists also visit the Vezio Castle, the 14th-century Church of St. George and two wonderful villas - Cipresso and Monastero.

From Varenna you can take a ferry to Bellagio , a town considered to be the most beautiful of all the villages on the shores of Lago di Como. It is located on a promontory which protrudes into the lake and is surrounded by water on three sides. There are many bars and restaurants along the waterfront, and the center is close to the harbor for boats and ferries. Strolling around the charming old town is fun, and walking towards the lake, you pass numerous shops and cafes with the scent of an aromatic espresso. It is very romantic at night - from the waterfront you can see the lights of the neighboring towns, and you can only hear the soft murmur of the waves.

Overnight at the lake

On the northern side of the lake, there is a charming place, perfect for an overnight stay. This is Camping Magic Lake , where a motorhome parking space costs 9 euros a day, and an adult's accommodation - 7 euros a day. You can come to the campsite with a pet (2.5 euro / day), and those willing to explore the area from the water side can rent a kayak on site - the cost is 20 euro a day. There are many shops and restaurants around serving excellent meals.

The aroma of flowers, the wind cooling the skin and orange trees, cypresses and palm trees that grow throughout the winter. This is Lake di Como, in which the dignified mountains are reflected - a fairy-tale place where you want to come back.

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