Overnight in the wild - beautiful but is it safe?

Overnight in the wild - beautiful but is it safe? – main image

The charm of caravanning wildspots

The landscapes they passed many times during the trip delighted visitors to such an extent that they decided to spend the night not at the nearest campsite, but in a newly discovered area without hesitation. In other words, spend the night in the wild. It is a spontaneous way to spend the night among nature, in a quiet and peaceful place with beautiful views when you wake up, but it also has disadvantages. Such an area is unfenced and unguarded, so tourists may face many dangers at night. However, it is enough to follow a few tips to avoid problems and ensure your comfort in a natural environment.

First of all, you should be aware that in many places it is illegal to put up a tent or park a motorhome outside the designated points. This could result in a heavy fine following a violent wake-up in the middle of the night by the police. In order to be able to sleep peacefully, it is necessary to check in advance whether you are allowed to stop in a given place.

A few tips for spending the night in nature

If you want to pitch a tent, you should carefully search the area to see if there are any sharp objects, broken glass or ant mounds nearby, not to mention wasp nests. You should also be careful with branches - when leaving the tent at night, you can come across them. We avoid places with dangerous plants, including the famous poison ivy.

What else should you pay attention to? For the proper protection of food - this applies to the entire field on which we move, not only our luggage. We do not leave cooking utensils, waste or cooling drinks outside. Even if the place we choose is not threatened by a bear's visit, other animals that search for provisions at night will probably also disturb us. And attracting completely tiny critters with sugar, i.e. ants, will effectively prevent us from falling asleep peacefully.

One more useful tip is to avoid drinking water from a stream or river. Even if it is crystal clear and tempts with coolness, it can contain parasites and microorganisms. Drinking non-boiled water may result in serious illness or stomach ailments that will destroy further vacation plans. Taking caution will allow us to enjoy our stay in a beautiful and relaxing place.

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