Composting toilets - hit or putty?

Dry composting (separating) toilets are also becoming more and more popular among owners of classic motorhomes, not only in Europe. Due to the advantages of this solution, also many users decide to replace the traditional toilet. Today we will briefly explain what the design assumptions and principles of operation are.

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The best campsites in the Garda Trentino region

Garda Trentino is not only Lake Garda… there are plenty of smaller mountain lakes around which there are plenty of hiking and biking trails, via ferratas and climbing walls. If you are looking for a place to spend an active holiday, Garda Trentino is the right choice.


Caravans Salon tworzy kolekcję gadżetów i odzieży dla fanów caravaningu

Twórcy targów Caravans Salon Poland w Poznaniu, pracują nad stworzeniem własnej kolekcji gadżetów i odzieży dla fanów caravaningu. Jak podkreślają, produkty które pojawią się sklepie online oraz będą możliwe do kupienia w czasie targów 21-23 października, są tworzone razem ze społecznością i skierowane do fanów caravaningu a ich funkcja reklamowa jest traktowana drugorzędnie.

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Prestigious German award for Globe Traveler!

The vast majority of caravanning fans probably know the Polish brand of world-class motorhomes - GLOBE TRAVELER. The Polish manufacturer has been doing great on European markets for many years and is successfully expanding its distribution network. Sweden, Switzerland, Germany - these are just a few examples of countries where the discerning clientele fell in love with "Globes". Not only customers appreciate the way the brand builds trust and recognition. The jury of the prestigious German Brand Award also confirmed the professionalism and the highest standards and awarded the prize in the Brand Strategy and Creation category - Brand Design, Product Design.


Which travel insurance should you choose?

It is worth taking care of travel insurance before each trip, especially before the foreign one. It guarantees medical, as well as legal and informational help in the event of unexpected problems. Even if you are going for a few days only, take care of a peaceful rest and buy an appropriate policy. See how to choose it.


How to get motorhome protection against theft and GPS monitoring?

Currently, an increasingly popular way of spending a vacation is traveling in a motorhome. Thanks to the possession of this type of vehicle, you can enjoy freedom and privacy. Unfortunately, motorhomes are also an object of interest to many thieves. In this text you will learn what you can do to secure your vehicle and be able to monitor it in real time.


What are the tolls in Europe for motorhomes with a GVM over 3.5t?

What are the tolls in various European countries for motorhomes with a GVM above 3.5t? We will answer this question and how these fees should be regulated in the article below.

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Electromobility and caravanning - what awaits us?

Electric cars have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. We pass the until recently exotic "green" signs more and more often, at least in larger cities. In many European countries, in the perspective of less than 10 years, it will not be possible to allow combustion cars as we know them. As a country, Poland performs poorly (to put it mildly), and the network of "fast charge" chargers is almost as exotic as Tesla's showrooms.

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Holidays for health - Lipót Thermal Camping ****

Spend unforgettable days in a wonderful natural environment, in a huge green space, in our air-conditioned houses, or on the spacious, shaded pitches of Lipót Thermal Camping **** right next to Thermalbath & Spa! Lipót Thermal Camping **** is located in Lipót in the Győr-Moson-Sopron region, right next to the Lipót Thermalbath Spa. The campsite is also conveniently located 15 km from Mosonmagyaróvár, close to the Austrian and Slovak borders.

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Overloading a motorhome - how to avoid it

In considering the DMC of motorhomes, the most frequently signaled problem is the so-called overweight. Among the ways to avoid the consequences are special / cargo trailers. In this article, we will look at the other possibilities of transporting smaller and larger luggage and means of transport using multi-functional, mostly light and compact trailers.

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Turn a bus into a motorhome

Podczas tegorocznego Salonu Caravaningowego swoją obecność mocno zaznaczyły firmy, które zajmują się dostosowywaniem vanów do wersji campingowych lub tworzeniem kamperów od podstaw na zamówienie klienta.W Polsce od dawna istnieją firmy, które na zamówienie przemienią vana lub busa w odpowiednio wyposażonego kampera. W Poznaniu po raz kolejny pojawiła się marka EbaCamp, pokazując, że we wnętrzu przygotowanego przez nią Fiata Ducato bez trudu zmieści się np. wielki motocykl. Poza typowymi zabudowami, EbaCamp proponuje także kontenery do zabudów ciężarowych (pisaliśmy o tym w oddzielnym artykule).

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Karmann Duncan - your everyday and holiday friend

The new Duncan is just apparently another multifunctional van that combines the functionality of an everyday car, a camper and a transporter, which are many on the market. It comes in two versions with a short and long wheelbase, and the lengths are 497 (Duncan 495) or 534 cm (Duncan 535).