Camping in the mountains

When a long weekend or vacation is coming, you only dream about going to the mountains? It does not surprise us at all! The satisfaction that comes from reaching the top and the joy of enjoying the most beautiful views make anyone who tastes it at least once, will always come back on the trail. A great base for shorter and longer trips will be campsites in the mountains. Rest so close to nature, right next to the forest or by the lake, effectively recharges the batteries, giving you strength for further hikes. So, discover the best campings and campsites in the mountains and plan your next fantastic trekking trip.

Campsites found



Camping and campsite in the mountains - as close to nature as possible

Although there are places by the sea or lakes that allow you to experience the closeness of nature, it is in the mountains that nature is the most wild and untamed. On less popular routes, you can use what it gives us with all your senses: listen to the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind, enjoy the ubiquitous greenery of your eyes, feel the smell of the forest undergrowth. When planning a trip to the Beskids, Bieszczady or Tatra Mountains, the place to stay is a camping or campsite in the mountains. Thanks to this, all these miracles can also be experienced after leaving the trail. There is nothing more beautiful than falling asleep listening to the sound of the wind in the treetops, and then waking up with a view of a forest or a meadow.

Recommended campings and campsites - Bieszczady, Tatra Mountains, Karkonosze?

Polish mountains are not only the Tatra Mountains. When moving from the west, you can stop at a campground in the Karkonosze Mountains to get Śnieżka or Szrenica. Then we have the Izerskie Mountains, Stołowe Mountains, then Beskidy, Gorce, Pieniny, Beskid Niski and finally enchanting with the unique climate of the Bieszczady Mountains. Each of these bands has something completely different to offer. It is worth visiting them one by one to discover these differences on your own and find the only place where your heart will always beat faster.

Tourist infrastructure in the Polish mountains is well developed. Some regions, however, can be more crowded, so accommodation is worth booking in advance (in the case of camping in the Tatras or Pieniny, it may even be several months in advance). For people who are looking primarily for peace in the mountains, we recommend less crowded places: campsites in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, the Owl Mountains or the Low Beskids.