Campings and campsites with a swimming pool

When the holiday sun is scorching full force, the opportunity to plunge into pleasantly cool water is invaluable. During the holidays, most of us are looking for a respite by the water: the sea, lake, river. To make it easier for you to find a place for a great holiday, we have put together the best campsites with a swimming pool - and even with several swimming pools, because many of them offer a whole complex of reservoirs with countless attractions. It is a real paradise for the little ones!

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Campings and campsites with a swimming pool - the best place for vacation

Campings and campsites with a swimming pool are the perfect place for a vacation. During the day you can explore the area or sunbathe by the sea, and in the afternoon cool off in the swimming pool. Families with children are often hosted at campsites offering such an activity. A bath in a specially prepared paddling pool is safer for toddlers than in the sea or a lake, so parents can be more relaxed about their children.

Some resorts, such as the Terme Čatež in Slovenia, the Croatian Zaton Holiday Resort or the Italian Albatros Park, offer extensive pool complexes that turn into a real open-air aquapark. Children and adults can go crazy on small and large slides, splash in bathtubs and paddling pools or enjoy various water attractions. Sounds like a great vacation idea, right? Water and sun - we don't need anything else during the holidays!

Campings and campsites with a swimming pool - Poland as a holiday destination

Campsites with a swimming pool in Poland can be found in various regions: both by the sea, in Masuria and in the mountains. The most famous of them is the Holiday Golden Resort located in Łazy next to Mielno. It is the most frequently chosen campsite with a swimming pool by the sea. It offers an aquapark with a water playground, recreational swimming pools, paddling pools for children and a jacuzzi.

Croatia - campsites and campings with swimming pool

Camping in Croatia with swimming pools is also a frequent choice of tourists. Although the Croatian sea is much warmer than the Baltic Sea and swimming in it is more pleasant, the campsite's bathing area is an added attraction, especially for children. Toddlers can spend whole days in the water!