Dog friendly campings and campsites

Dogs are full members of our families, so it's no wonder that when looking for a place to stay for a vacation, we only choose places that accept pets. To make your search easier, we have selected dog-friendly camps in our database. Check out our recommendations and discover places where four-legged little ones are welcome guests!

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Where to go on holiday with your dog? Camping!

Camping is the best place for a holiday with a dog, regardless of what form of accommodation we choose: a caravan, motorhome, tent or cottage. At the campsite, the pet can be constantly next to us. In many centers, there is some private space near each stand, so if the dog is fastened with a long rope, it will have a small run at its disposal. Some campsites even offer the option of booking a fully fenced pitch. In such a "garden" the pet can safely stay without a leash.

Camping with a dog is a great idea for a vacation also because the camp and its surroundings will be a great area for walks. Dog-friendly campsites are usually located in secluded areas, ideal for long hikes and runs.

Dog-friendly campings and campsites - what do they offer for pets and their owners?

What facilities at dog-friendly campings and campsites can pet owners expect? In addition to fenced pitches for a motorhome or caravan, some campsites provide dedicated paddocks for dogs, and if they are located by a lake or the sea - also a part of the beach. In more modern facilities, the owner also has special showers for dogs and agility lanes at his disposal. In dog-friendly campsites, four-legged holidaymakers are also welcome in indoor restaurants and cafes. Sometimes there is a vet on the campsite as well.