Naturist Camping

Naturism and nudism have experienced a real renaissance in recent years. Every year more and more places are available in holiday resorts where supporters of unrestricted nudity can freely sunbathe, take sea and sun baths or indulge in lazy recreation. By far the largest number of naturist campings and campsites is in Croatia, but a lot of resorts can also be found in France, Italy, Germany or Poland.

Campsites found


Campsites with a separate space for nudists

In many naturist campsites, nudity is not so much allowed as mandatory - clothes are only worn when going out to a restaurant or bar. In all other places - the beach, pool, sanitary facilities, lots - the Adam and Eve uniform is required.

There are also shared campsites where part of the area is open to naturists and part to "textile", i.e people sunbathing in bathing suits. You must put on clothes to enter common areas, such as a restaurant or shop. These zones are sometimes separated by a fence, but more often the entrance to the nudist campsite is indicated by special boards (they are so clear that it is impossible to miss them).

Beaches or campsites for naturists are marked with the acronym FKK (from the German Freikörperkultur, which can be translated as 'free body culture') or less often INF (International Naturist Federation). In Poland, there is also a designation of the FNP (Federation of Polish Naturists).

FKK campsites for naturists in Poland and Europe

The tradition of nudism and naturism in Europe is long. The ancients already promoted the cult of an unrestrained, fully natural body. The naturist and nudist movement developed the most in Western Europe: Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany. There are now many naturist campsites also in Croatia, especially in Istria.