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The largest of the Baltic Countries delights with the beauty of its capital, but not only Vilnius has to offer tourists. Kaunas, Trakai, Druskininkai and Palanga (Palanga) are popular cities visited at any time of the year. If you decide to camp in Lithuania, there are plenty of attractions waiting for you. You can get to know the amazing castle on Lake Galvė, hand-made rosaries hanging from the tree branches on the Hill of Crosses, or the beaches and wandering dunes of the Curonian Spit.

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Lithuania, even though it’s so close to our borders, is not the most popular of directions. Time to change it! Plan a family vacation at the camping and see how much of the beautiful things you can see in this country. In the end, it’s the geographical center of Europe! Such sites just cannot be omitted.

Architectural Mix

When visiting Lithuanian cities, you will notice a variety of styles and inspirations both from the Eastern and Western Europe! When choosing a campsite in the area of ​​Vilnius, you can admire the churches and palaces that represent the Italian renaissance and baroque, but also the Byzantine style straight from Russia! What you can also encounter here is the spirit of Jewish architecture. Interesting sights as if straight from the movies of the Teutonic Knights can also be found in Kaunas!

The nature will surprise you

Why it’s worth planning your vacation at the campground in Liwa? Because of the nature! The spit in Neringa has been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list. Rolling hills of sand, the water of the Baltic Sea, which tries to cover the beach causes that this view will linger in your memory for a long time. And if you want to see the most beautiful beach in the Baltic Sea, book a camping at Klaipeda!

If you're looking for adventures and stories out this world - plan your visit around Hill of Witches! Check out what else can surprise you by planning a family camping!

Lithuania tourist attractions

When planning a trip to Lithuania, it is worth considering the route carefully to see as much as possible. Many people start exploring the country with the capital. This is easy to understand considering how picturesque Vilnius is. What to see during your stay? The city abounds in religious monuments. Tourists who like this kind of attractions should see, among others St. Teresa and Ostra Brama with a painting considered miraculous. Their list may include the Orthodox Church of St. Spirit and the Basilian Monastery. Another offer for amateurs of temples is one of the most beautiful baroque churches, the Church of St. Kazimierz Vilnius. If you stayed at a campsite in Vilnius, also visit the first brick Christian temple in the city - the Piatnicka Church.

It is already known why so many people visit Vilnius. The attractions of the capital city are remembered not only by those who follow in the footsteps of saints. What about the other centers? For example, in Trakai there is one of the most recognizable Lithuanian castles. The structure on an islet on Lake Galvė is to a large extent a reconstruction from the second half of the 19th century. XX century. However, this does not change the fact that it makes a huge difference to the visitors.

Camping in Lithuania

Plan a campsite in Druskininkai if you love relaxing in the water. The city is visited by fans of madness on slides, swimming in pools, etc. This is where the country's most popular water park is located - Druskininkai AquaPark. In addition, you can use the ski slope all year round. Snow arena attracts people of all ages.

Water sports enthusiasts can choose a campsite by the sea in Lithuania. You have quite a choice, including Palanga. Palanga is the largest and most famous Lithuanian resort, although somewhat forgotten by Europeans. Compatriots visiting Lithuania prefer other places. The Baltic Sea "Zakopane", as the city was promoted in the past, has nice promenades, picturesque beaches and a pier. The Amber Museum operates in the former Tyszkiewicz Palace.

By camper through Lithuania

For lovers of peaceful holidays in the bosom of nature, we highly recommend the campsite by the Curonian Spit National Park. The area soothes troubled nerves because it is peaceful and quiet. There are forests around, inviting you for long walks. It's worth staying here for more than one day, but if you don't have more time, at least one day is enough.

During your vacation, go on a journey along the most beautiful trail in Lithuania. The Trail of the Nemunas Castles, which begins in Kaunas, will allow you to enjoy looking at romantic manors, palaces and castles. You will see beautiful castle mountains with a panoramic view of the River of the Two Nations. Or maybe you will stay at the campsite by the Nemunas River? You will understand why our bard was so delighted with the sight of this river.

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