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One associates Portugal with sardines, another with the Barcelos Rooster, and another with Christiano Ronaldo. The westernmost country in Europe is famous as the largest producer of cork products in the world. Camping in Portugal is a great idea for fans of sunbathing, partying and sightseeing. You will find here multicultural resorts and seaside resorts teeming with life day and night. Although it is relatively small, Portugal is tempting!

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Plan your stay at a campsite in Portugal with us. Let yourself be enchanted, because this place has its own magic. There’s no lack of sun or the good energy that will be taken back to Poland.

Heavenly beaches

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations among people looking for sandy beaches and high temperatures! Find campsites around Faro, Lagos and Porto Santo. These areas are second to none. Apart from sunbathing, you can try your hand at surfing and other water sports. Camping holidays will be unforgettable and incredibly crazy!

The beauty of Europe!

Lisbon has received a reputation of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and we’re not surprised by that at all. Spending time at the campsite for families with children, plan a tour of the capital of Portugal or the capital of taste – Porto. In addition to the cuisine, don’t forget about the wine tasting. The best bottles come from this region.

Portugal is also full of interesting architecture, palaces and castles. Therefore, when choosing a camping by the sea, focus mainly on the proximity and convenient access to major attractions of the regions. May these holidays be a combination of sunbathing and active sightseeing.

Norway in a motorhome

It is a country that evokes associations with warlike Vikings, northern lights, fjords and dried cod. What is Norway famous for besides? You can travel it for hours, because its surface consists of endless expanses of uninhabited land. Norwegian nature is breathtaking no matter what the season. The sun, which does not set for many hours in the summer, and the spectacular landscapes attract tourists like a magnet. No wonder that thousands of people go camping in Norway every year.

Caravanningists can get to Norway from Świnoujście or the Tri-City by ferry going to Sweden. Possibly from Germany to Denmark. If you have more time (than e.g. a week), consider driving through the Baltic countries, i.e. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. You will get to the Norwegian shore from Tallinn to Helsinki. And then it remains to choose a nice campsite by the sea in Norway, stop by one of the beautiful lakes (maybe Mjøsa?) Or in the mountains. Nature lovers will be delighted.

Camping in Norway

This picturesque Scandinavian country has a lot to boast of when it comes to camping base. It provides holidaymakers with over a thousand facilities of various standards. Are you dreaming of glamping in Norway? Book a luxury tent in Hardanger, a stilt house near Oslo or an exclusive yurt in Treungen. There are many options, and each one is very attractive. It is worth emphasizing that tourists do not have any problems with reaching the selected point, because they are well marked. Along the main roads you will see numerous signposts that will direct visitors to the campsite.

Most of the campsites in Norway are open from May to September, but you will also find something for yourself in winter. In addition to options for luxury fans, Norwegian leisure facilities offer campsites and pitches on the outskirts of the city. Spacious pitches for motorhomes, cottages, bungalows or rooms - the choice is up to you.

Norway what to see?

If you are considering spending your vacation in Scandinavia, you have plenty of options. You can stay at a campsite in Southern Norway and get to know one of the people's favorite regions. For example, Sørlandet is distinguished by a mild climate, and also tempts with an interesting skerry coast. It is full of harbors and fish restaurants. It is relatively close to Oslo which is an added bonus. The next proposal will appeal to fans of fjords. If you're one of them, you'll love a lot of campsites in Vestlandet. You will see glaciers, mountain plateaus and the stunning landscapes of Geirangerfjord and Sognefjord. Also visit Bergen.

Come to Norway!

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