Time for a trip full of carefreeness, closeness to nature and rest for the head – time for camping! It is enough to taste this form of spending holidays once to fall in love with it. Camping holidays just have that magical "something": they help you completely get away from the city rush and create memories that you come back to for a lifetime.

Campsites found


Are you planning a perfect holiday? Go camping!

You are woken up by the rays of the sun flickering in the treetops, and you are lulled to sleep by the concerts of crickets living in the greenery surrounding the campsite. You eat breakfast with a view of the perfectly smooth surface of the lake and a wonderfully relaxing feeling that you don't have to rush anywhere. Kids run barefoot on the grass, make friends with their neighbors and completely forget about such a thing as boredom. Time seems to slow down. You can fill your day with a whole list of different activities – from swimming or cycling, to exploring the area, to board games or a shanty contest around the campfire – or sweet doing nothing.

Camping is synonymous with a perfect holiday. It is not without reason that people who have tried this form of spending their holidays at least once never return to hotel all inclusive. Freedom, closeness to nature and this unique atmosphere that only caravanning enthusiasts can create... You just have to taste it!

Camping – greenery, carefree and independence

First of all, camping gives you amazing contact with nature – and this is probably one of the greatest advantages of this form of spending holidays. The campsites are surrounded by greenery everywhere. Even in modern resorts with extensive recreational, sports and entertainment infrastructure, great care is taken to maintain closeness to nature. At the campsite, you basically spend all your time outdoors – after a stay at the beach or at the pool, you don't have to go back to the four walls of your hotel room. You can draw from what nature has to offer with your full handful and all your senses. Full relaxation and reset guaranteed!

Camping is also independence and freedom. Thanks to traveling by your own car, you remain independent of the flight schedule – you can freely plan your arrival and departure dates, you don't have to worry about delays or the need to transfer from the airport. During your camping holiday, you can also travel wherever you want and plan your time freely. A great advantage is also the possibility of taking bicycles and sports equipment with you – and this further expands the possibilities of spending your holidays actively.

Camping – freedom of choice

When planning a camping holiday, you can choose from different types of accommodation: a tent, a caravan or a cottage, and in some resorts also a modern mobile home, stylish glamping or a comfortable villa tent. Thanks to such a variety of possibilities, you can flexibly adjust the form of accommodation to the needs of your family or a group of friends. The comprehensive facilities offered by the resorts make holidays at the best campsites in Europe as comfortable as those spent in a luxury hotel.

Map of campsites. Where to this time?

Mountains, sea, lake? The growing popularity of caravanning among Europeans means that the map of camping sites is constantly expanding – every year in different parts of the continent there are more and more new camping and tent sites. Regardless of which direction you go, you will easily find a place ideally suited to your needs, expectations and dreams. If you are primarily looking for peace and undisturbed peace, choose an intimate campsite in the middle of the forest – you will find out that time flows completely differently in such a place. If, on the other hand, you want to spend your holiday as actively as possible, taking full advantage of various possibilities and a rich sports and recreation offer, check out large resorts. Some of them are modern, extensive water parks – a real paradise for kids.

What does the map of campsites in Europe look like? You can go wherever you want – in every corner of the continent you will find something unique and worth exploring. The network of campsites in Europe is really extensive and diverse.

Campings – map of the best destinations

A quick trip abroad? The campsite map can take you to the Czech Republic, for example. Here you will find magnificent castles, green, almost idyllic valleys and such natural wonders as the rock city. Slovakia also tempts with beautiful landscapes. This country is an ideal travel destination for mountain lovers: mountain ranges cover 60% of the entire territory of Slovakia! The Slovak Tatras (much less crowded than the Polish ones), Great and Small Fatra, Choč Mountains – these are just a few of the long list of suggestions.

How about Germany? Here every tourist will find something for themselves, because it is a country that combines rich history and modernity. Marvel at the medieval castles on the Rhine, explore the completely different face of the Baltic Sea, discover the charming nooks and crannies of smaller and larger cities and towns. Then the campsite map can lead you to Austria, elegant, picturesque and delicious. The Alps, Lake Hallstatt, Salzburg, Vienna, the unique atmosphere of Austrian villages? Austria is a great holiday destination – local campsites delight with modernity and amenities.

Sea? Check the map of campsites in Italy or Croatia. On both sides of the Adriatic, fantastic weather, postcard views and a unique seaside atmosphere await you. And on the way to the Balkans, you can also plan a stop in Hungary or Slovenia. These are less popular travel destinations, and yet both countries have so much to offer. Hungary will charm you with its unique culture, the monumentality of Budapest and wonderful vineyards. In Slovenia it is worth stopping at Lake Bled and Bohinj or visiting the Postojna cave, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

But the map of campsites in Europe goes even further: through Switzerland, Belgium and France to sunny and carefree Spain. If you are drawn to the most remote corners of the continent and you love life on the road, such a trip is a fantastic idea for a holiday. The network of campsites in Western Europe is really diverse.

Campsite search – find your dream vacation spot

You can use the CampRest campsite search engine to help you plan your dream vacation. Take advantage of the possibility of filtering the results and choose a place ideally suited to your needs and expectations – exactly as you dreamed of. At CampRest you will find the best campsites in Europe, tested and recommended by us or our users.

First, select the location and category of your campsite (for example, camper park, glamping, seaside camping, dog-friendly camping, swimming pool camping) and then adjust the amenities. Using the campsite search engine, you will find places with swimming pools and spas, access to the beach, a wide range of sports and recreation facilities, facilities for people with disabilities or near ski lifts or bicycle routes. You can also filter the results by more specific criteria, such as types of sanitary facilities, access to a camper service or to a dishwasher or dryer. At CampRest you will find the best campsites in Europe – find out now!

The best campsites in Europe are waiting for you!

An intimate, charming campsite in the middle of an ancient forest? “Instagram style” glamping that completely changes the definition of "night under the cloud"? A caravanning resort full of attractions with swimming pools and playgrounds straight from children's dreams? Or maybe wooden houses hidden in the shadow of the mountains? The growing popularity of caravanning means that the network of campsites in Europe is constantly expanding – thanks to this, literally everyone can find a perfect place for themselves.

Together with CampRest, discover the best campsites in Europe and plan the vacation of your dreams today!

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