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Slovakia delights not only with mountain views. Among the attractions of this nice country are secular and sacred monuments (including the Spiš Castle, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List). There are national parks, tempting thermal springs and water parks. Campsite in Slovakia is chosen by, among others families with children, fans of activity and excellent cuisine. It is not necessary to travel hundreds of kilometers - there are many interesting places waiting for you abroad!

Campsites found



In Slovakia you will find mainly a lot of monuments, including the natural ones. However, the most important attraction that allows for a family holiday on a campsitein Slovakia are... water parks and hot springs. Your kids will love this country, and your vacation will be remembered among friends for months.

Attractions for kids

When organizing a camping in Slovakia, you can be sure that your children won’t be bored here. This country has a lot of amusement parks and thermal baths. Check especially those in Senec, Gino Paradise Bešeňová, Tatralandia or Dunajská Streda. It’s also worth spending your vacation at a campground near the zoo in Bojnice, where you can meet as many as 300 species, or visit about half smaller one located in Bratislava.

The other side of The Tatra Mountains

Slovakia is also a snow fun - on the other side of the Tatras you can find ski resorts – among which the most renowned one is Jasna in the Low Tatras. It’s a place where, besides the typical attractions, you’ll find numerous trails for hiking. It’s also worth checking our offer of Slovakian campsites to find one in the area of Park Snow Donovaly, which is visited by over 220 000 tourists each year.

Book a place on a camping for families with children even today and enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Slovakia attractions in summer and winter

Our southern neighbor is sometimes underestimated in terms of tourism, but wrongly so. Slovakia has not only the more beautiful (according to some) part of the Tatra Mountains. You can see there, among others hiking trail high above the ground. If you've ever fantasized about something like a treetop walk, Slovakia has something to offer you. In the heart of the forest, on the border of the Pieniny and Tatra National Park, there is a wooden footbridge called the Bachledka Tree Crown Path. When you climb it, you will be able to admire the wonderful panorama of the mountains from a height of almost 25 meters. The attraction is suitable not only for adults - older children will also be able to climb it. If you are planning a camping in Bachledowa Dolina, you must go there.

Among the great, but more down-to-earth attractions in Slovakia are the wonderful natural nooks. An example is the Slovak Karst, a region entered on the UNESCO list. It hides 5 caves available for visiting and a dozen or so hidden from human eyes. It is an amazing underground world - a protected karst reserve that has delighted its visitors for years. Do you like unusual rock formations, but prefer to walk on the ground, not under the surface? Meet Janosikowe Diery, full of picturesque canyons and gorges. Stay at a campsite near the Mala Fatra National Park and spend some time there.

Campsites in Slovakia

Speaking of Slovak camps, it must be emphasized that they are numerous, well-organized, and often resemble camping towns. This applies especially to facilities located near water parks, thermal baths and popular water reservoirs. You can find recommendable centers almost everywhere. You can go camping in Liptovský Mikuláš or explore Bratislava, which lies at the border of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Get to know the charms of Košice, Bardejów, Kremnica and Banska Szczawnica. Or maybe you would like to visit attractions such as the Ice Cave or one of the best-preserved old Slovak villages? Vlkoliniec is located in the Fatra National Park and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Aquaparks Slovakia - where are the best?

For masses of tourists, Slovakia is associated with thermal baths and water parks. If you would like to book an overnight stay at a campsite near such a facility, you won't be looking long. Who hasn't heard of Tatralandia? The largest complexes in this category also include Waterpark Park Bešeňová and AquaCity Poprad. For lovers of thermal baths, we also recommend Thermal Park Vrbov - a geothermal sulfur swimming pool. We encourage you to book your stay at a campsite in Slovakia! See what tourist pearls are waiting for you just abroad!

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