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Sweden is famous for singers and bands that once shook the entire musical world. It delights with endless forested and mountainous spaces in the northern part. Millions of people associate it with hockey matches, as well as with a chain of furniture stores. You don't have to listen to Roxette, Abby or Europe to want to come here on vacation. We recommend camping in Sweden to anyone who is looking for close contact with nature, but does not necessarily like the heat.

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Campsites in Sweden

Discover the Scandinavian country overseas and see the natural wealth it offers to its visitors. But do not forget about choosing the best form of accommodation - using the campsite for the family, you provide a location near the main tourist attractions and large cities without spending a fortune.

Aurora borealis or wildlife?

Sweden isn’t only known from snow and icy climate, but also from natural phenomena that cannot be seen in other places! Find a campsite in Sweden in order to witness aurora borealis, or to be close to one of 29 national parks. In this way you keep in mind the picture of glaciers, conifer forests untouched by the human hand or even coral reefs. With our browser you can find a cheap and convenient camping for the family.

Viking cities

Visit the island of Gotland, which was a magical place in the history of the Vikings. At the beginning of August you can take part in the Week of the Middle Ages, which will be a great entertainment for you and your family. Just don’t forget to book a camping in Sweden near the town of Visby!

You should plan your time to visit the cities like Stockholm, Ystad or Lund - these places are dotted with architectural gems, as well as picturesque views.

Sweden in a motorhome

Sweden is a large and quite sparsely populated country. For this reason, finding a place away from buildings, in beautiful surroundings, is not difficult for anyone. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that wild camping in Sweden has its limitations. First of all, you should respect nature and leave the place to stay in the same condition in which you found it. If you are traveling with your dog, it must be on a leash from March to mid-April, and all year round in reindeer areas. Observe the signs carefully and obey the prohibitions (camping, bonfires, etc.).

Wild camping has its advantages, but there is no shortage of "ordinary" camping in this beautiful, yet rugged country. Motorhome owners can take the ferry to Sweden and reach their destination from Świnoujście. They will start their journey from the Baltic port of Trelleborg (Skåne region). We recommend a trip to Gotland, Oland or Örebro. It's also worth getting to know Sundsvall.

Stockholm what to see?

When traveling around Sweden, it would be good to spend at least one day visiting the capital. Are you interested in camping in Stockholm? It's great because the largest Swedish city offers plenty of them. Among other things, you can search for objects near attractions such as the town hall, beaches or green areas (eg Sätraskogen Nature Reserve). You will have hassle-free access to important points, including the oldest part of the city. Gamla Stan is filled with colorful tenement houses, numerous restaurants and shops. It is intersected by atmospheric, narrow streets. The heart of the old part of Stockholm is the cathedral building.

The best beaches in Sweden

Tourists who are interested in camping in Sweden have a really good choice. Many facilities are located by the sea, which makes fans of water sports and sunbathing very happy. It is worth noting that the Swedish coastline is longer than the country's land borders. And where are the most beautiful beaches in Sweden waiting for tourists? Among other things, in Norrbotten is the long, sandy Pite Havsbad. In addition to the large camping site, you have a recreation center, SPA and bars at your disposal.

Another attractive point is the Skrea Strand in the resort of Falkenberg (Halland). It has a long - almost 250 meters - pier and fine sand. This is a great seat reservation for families with children. If you dream of camping by the sea in Sweden, take these parts of the country into account. The next beach is on an island in the Stockholm Archipelago, in Sandhamn (Sandön). Trouville, as it is called, tempts with blue water, cliffs and infrastructure.

As you can see, you don't have to travel to southern Europe. You will find an ideal vacation destination in the north of the continent.


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