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Would you like to know interesting places in England? Maybe you dream about a vacation in Scotland or Wales? Are you tempted by the climate of Northern Ireland? Choose a campsite in Great Britain and book your accommodation. Explore Titanic Belfast, Windsor Castle and the British Museum. Catch your breath on one of the beaches and take a walk in the royal gardens. See the amazing tunnel of trees in Halnaker or the spring bell forest in Dorset ... Visit the British Isles!

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Visit a country that seems like it wants very much to distinguish with something extraordinary on the map! Driving on the left, 5 o’clock tea time and the Royal Family, loved by the whole nation! United Kingdom delights and surprises visitors!

Unusual cuisine

Not only timely teas are something worth trying. The British are also famous for interesting flavors - get a taste of their traditional breakfast or fish and chips! Just make sure that your UK camping is located close to popular pubs.

First of all music!

United Kingdom is known internationally because of the musicians themselves. It's here, where the legendary hits of The Beatles or Amy Winehouse were created. Book a campsite for a familynear Liverpool or London and take a walk down the streets, which were the inspiration for musicians! Or maybe you want to grasp a bit of art and science? Be sure to check in at the campground next to Oxford or Windsor!

Theatres, galleries and monuments

United Kingdom is also famous for its passion for art and theater. Book your tickets for Shakespeare’s adaptations or for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. We hope you see every gem United Kingdom has to offer, and that your holidays at the campsite will be unforgettable.

Great Britain what is worth seeing?

Some people wonder how one should say: England or Great Britain? In fact, England is part of an island nation. Together with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they create a multicultural country with lots of tourist attractions. In addition to secular and sacred monuments, they offer access to beaches and great campsites. In Wales, for example, you can find intimate facilities by the sea. In Scotland - spots near moors and green valleys. In Northern Ireland - overlooking a granite mountain range. Wild caravanning fans should choose Scotland, as camping in the rest of the country is illegal.

Modern campsites in Great Britain are friendly to families with children, seniors, and also prepared for guests with dogs. No matter where you rest, you will find recommended camping everywhere. It can be in a big city, on a Scottish island, near the Suffolk dunes or on the Yorkshire islands. You will find there intimate campsites, vast complexes or the so-called glamping.

Campsites in London

When it comes to visiting a city as large as London, it's best to spread the attractions over a few days. Or at least have a good plan. Are you planning shopping? Take a trip to Harrods or Notting Hill. Preferably on Saturday, because that's when Portobello Road Market takes place there. There is Kensington Palace with gardens in the vicinity, so you can see them by the way. Just buy a ticket in advance! Otherwise, you can relax at a campsite in London and explore the parks available for free.

The city has plenty of accommodation facilities. A stopover in the capital is the perfect solution for those wishing to visit a campsite in England. Some are in the suburbs and some are close to attractions. You just need to think carefully about where to stay to have easy access to, for example, Buckingham Palace or the Crystal Palace. Notable points of interest include the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum and the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. And that's only a fraction of the long list!

Campsites by the sea in Great Britain

There are several ways to get to the Islands. For example, motorhome owners wishing to go to a campsite on the coast of Great Britain can use the Channel Tunnel. Another option is a ferry crossing. Willing people can choose from two routes to Dover: via Calais and Dunkirk. Before traveling, they can rest at one of the French campsites located near the canal.

You don't need to know how many kilometers the English Channel has or how exactly its route runs to cover it. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to the English part. Combine sightseeing in France with a stay at a campsite in Scotland, Wales or other regions of the Islands. It will be an unforgettable holiday!

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