Campings and campsites with private sanitary facilities

Bathroom at the campground? Fortunately, the days of wooden toilets and coin-operated showers, in which hot water ran out in no time, are long gone. Contemporary camping toilets are modern, warm and regularly cleaned baths with all the necessary amenities. From our base of various centers, you can also choose campsites with private sanitary facilities - that is, a locked bathroom, which during your stay will be used only by you.


Campsites found



Camping bathroom - modern, warm and clean

At most European campings and campsites, the bathrooms look really decent - they are well heated, regularly cleaned and equipped with everything you need for bathing and hygiene. They are usually divided into female and male parts. In each of them there are separate, closed boxes with showers and a zone with sinks. Toilets are usually in a different room.

Some campsites also provide their guests with separate bathrooms for children. The toilets, washbasins and showers there are adapted to the height of the children, so that their use is as easy as possible for children. It is more and more common that the so-called babyrooms, i.e. rooms for bathing and changing babies.

Camping with private bathrooms - even more convenience

At popular campings and campsites, recommended by tourists, toilets are cleaned regularly, even several times a day (and on the multi-star campsites - after almost every user). You should absolutely not worry about their purity! From among the centers gathered in our database you can also choose campsites with private sanitary facilities . It's a convenient solution. Such a private bathroom on the campsite is locked with a key, which you get for the duration of your stay. You can safely keep your cosmetics and bath accessories in it and always be sure that it will be free.

Private facilities on the campsite must be booked in advance, but they are limited in number. However, there are centers where each plot has access to a separate bathroom.