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Camper System - camping and marina equipment

Camper System creates caravanning infrastructure. We are a manufacturer of equipment for campsites, marinas and camper parks. We produce service columns enabling access to water, electricity and emptying liquid waste from motorhomes, caravans, yachts and coaches. Together with the product, we provide comprehensive promotion of the created infrastructure and consultancy in its creation.

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Our offer includes devices dedicated to campsites, campsites and passenger service areas (WC Bus):

  • Collectors for collecting liquid waste from motorhomes and coaches (gray and black water) - sewage catchment
  • Water distribution columns, toll-free
  • Electricity distribution columns with toll collection option

Caravanning infrastructure is:

  • Development of tourism and accommodation in the region
  • Environmental Protection
  • Promotion of the region
  • Innovation

We invite you to cooperation and contact

  • Architects designing caravanning infrastructure (campsites and parking spaces for motorhomes)
  • Designers and contractors of motorway investments
  • Operators of gas stations and car washes interested in solutions for customers traveling with motorhomes
  • Private and local government investors planning to create caravanning infrastructure in their area (sports centers, amusement parks, vineyards, marinas, ski slopes and other centers focused on servicing tourist traffic)
  • Organizers of forums and congresses devoted to the development of tourism, interested in the subject of motorhomes and broadly understood caravanning
  • Entities interested in the distribution of our devices and attracting investors who want to create caravanning infrastructure
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  • Camping accessories


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