Campery Złotniccy – service

Campery Złotniccy – service is a company operating since 2010.

We have been running our workshop for external clients since 2016. We are an authorized partner of DOMETIC.

We offer:

  • repairs and inspections of electric and hydraulic installations in CAMPERS and CAMPING TRAILERS
  • repairs of on-board equipment such as refrigerators, stoves, hot water boilers, gas stoves, air conditioners, SAT antennas, etc.
  • repairs and inspections of chassis, brakes, hooks, lighting, etc. in CAMPING TRAILERS
  • repairs and mechanical inspections of CAMPERS (computer diagnostics, repairs of chassis, suspensions, brakes, engines, gearboxes, clutches, etc.)
  • post-accident repairs of CAMPERS and CAMPING TRAILERS

Tinsmith and paint shop for motorhomes

Along with the number of motorhomes sold, the demand for modern repair places grows.

In connection with the above, we have launched a new hall intended only for body and paint repairs.

The dimensions of our hall are: length 18m, width 6m, gate height 5m, which allows us to repair not only every motorhome, but also horse cars, trailers and trucks.

We hired new employees and invested in modern equipment and materials from reputable companies - all so that the increased number of orders would not interfere with the work of a mechanical workshop.

As of today, we are able to handle 20 orders for repairing a motorhome or trailer body and painting a month.

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