Campstory Warszawa – rental

Campstory Warszawa – rental

We offer well-equipped motorhomes that will provide you with full comfort and independence while traveling.

Our motorhomes have:

  • external awning
  • bicycle rack
  • photovoltaic panels
  • parking air conditioning
  • full interior equipment
  • gas sensor
  • automatic gray water drain
  • convenient refueling of LPG gas
  • power connection
  • water hose
  • drive-on wedges
  • winter version

In addition, each motorhome has full AC/OC/Assistance insurance, and we are at your disposal throughout the journey, so that you can fully enjoy your rest.

We offer premium motorhomes designed for special tasks to ensure full luxury on the go. They have batteries twice as big (200Ah), solar panels four times bigger (400W) and much more powerful converters. And this means that both when traveling and at a stopover, without connecting to an external power supply, we can run the air conditioning in the living area, use the thermomix in the kitchen or a home hair dryer. And the current will never end :)


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