Kampery Gorzów – service

Kampery Gorzów – service


Our website has been on the market for almost 20 years. We offer a wide range of service services, from passenger cars to delivery vans, trucks, campers and multivans. We will prepare your vehicle for the season, provide comprehensive post-accident repairs and repairs to the electrical installations of the bodywork and equipment. Example services include:

  • preparing the vehicle for the season,
  • preparing the vehicle for winter storage,
  • comprehensive post-accident repairs,
  • retrofitting campers and trailers,
  • post-warranty repairs,
  • electrical installation repairs,
  • repairs of building installations and devices,
  • installation of additional equipment,
  • individual services on request.

We will complement your camper or trailer with additional equipment and adapt it to your individual needs. We also provide post-warranty services and offer individual services on request.


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