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About us

Love for caravanning crowned with the establishment of a company offering rental, sale and service of motorhomes

A few years ago, we fulfilled our dream and went on a family holiday in a motorhome around Europe. It was a time that we deeply remember. We traveled through fascinating places, met inspiring people and experienced unforgettable moments every day. Then our love for caravanning became the fuel to start our own company.

When you decide to take advantage of our offer, you can rent a motorhome or buy it for yourself. We also have specialists who provide professional maintenance services. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone at +48 512 485 700.

Why is it worth choosing a motorhome rental and purchase offer?

If you intend to travel freely and plan your free days on your own - take advantage of the offer of Kampera Suwałowski . Traveling by motorhome is a great solution to spend holidays, weekends and holidays with your loved ones.

Discard traditional hotel bookings and avoid overpaying for accommodation. Caravaning will allow you to forget about the need to book rooms, restrictions related to traveling with children or pets and rigid trip plans. Get behind the wheel of our motorhome and plan the route of your dreams yourself. Imagine how great it would be to get to the places you've always wanted to discover!

Comprehensive offer of Kampera Suwałowski

If you want to avoid the difficulties associated with winterizing your vehicle and its servicing - you can decide to buy a new BRAVIA, BENIMAR or EURA MOBIL motorhome. Depending on your preferences , we also encourage you to take advantage of the rental offer. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the advantages of caravanning without having to strain the so-called. household budget.

Kampera Suwałowski specialists are available in Warsaw. You can buy or rent spacious and functional motorhomes with us, to which you will be able to take everything you need to relax on family holidays. This applies to, among others:

  • electronic equipment,
  • sports equipment,
  • children's toys,
  • favorite food.

Start cooperation with Kampery Suwałowski - go on an unforgettable journey!

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