1. General provisions
    1. These regulations define the rules for the provision of services by road electronically via a localized website at the address http://www.camprest.com (hereinafter: "Website"), for the benefit of end users of the network Internet, visitors to the Website (hereinafter: "Users").

    2. The service is provided by Piotr Kozłowski in charge business activity under the name CampRest Piotr Kozłowski, ul. Barska 70, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, NIP 9372364105, REGON: 072911180 (hereinafter: "Service Provider").

    3. These Regulations are the regulations referred to in generally applicable laws on providing services by electronic means, hereinafter referred to as "Regulations".

    4. The Website User is obliged to comply with provisions of these Regulations. Before start to use the Website, please read its content. Everyone The User declares that he has read the Regulations and accepts its provisions.

  2. Definitions
    1. Consumer - a natural person who performs a legal transaction not related directly to its business activity or professional.

    2. Advertiser - Website User who joined Search engine.

    3. Product - Any business, campsite or motorhome that is listed in the search engine of the Website.

    4. Service - each of the services indicated in Chapter III of the Regulations.

    5. User - any entity that visits the Website and uses his Services.

    6. Search Engine - a search engine for Products on the Website.

  3. Conclusion of the contract

    The contract for the provision of electronic services is concluded at the moment displaying the content of the Website, and terminated upon its cessation its display by the User, subject to Chapter V, VII and IX.

  4. The types and scope of services provided on the Website
    1. The services provided through the Website include:

      1. services available to all Users:

        • sharing the content of the Website,

        • searching for a Product according to established criteria,

        • submitting inquiries about Product availability,

        • sending the newsletter,

        • contact via the contact form and addresses e-mail indicated on the Website,

      2. services available only to registered Users in accordance with Chapter III of the Regulations:

        • posting comments and opinions about the Product,

        • creating lists of favorite Products,

        • posting your reports, articles on the Website and photos from travels.

      3. services available only to Users who are Advertisers:

        • posting an offer of your Product.

    2. The use of the Website's Services by Users is voluntary

    3. The services indicated in paragraph [1] [a] and [b] are free.

    4. The service indicated in paragraph [1] [c] is payable. Payment rules have been specified in Chapter IX of the Regulations.

  5. Creating an account on the Website
    1. Any natural person of age can set up an account on the Website over 13 years old. People who have limited ability to legal actions, including persons over the age of 13, not are over 18 years of age, may use the services of the Website with consent parents or other legal representatives.

    2. The procedure for setting up an account is to fill in the form located at …………………… and acceptance Of the Regulations. The registration procedure can also take place behind via a Facebook account and a Google account.

    3. One person may only have one account on the Website. Not allowed is sharing your account with other people.

    4. After submitting the completed form, the User receives immediately, by e-mail to the e-mail address given in the form

      email address verification message. After verification e-mail address The User receives confirmation of the account creation by the Service Provider. At this point, an agreement is concluded for providing the Account management service by electronic means User, and the User is able to access the Account User and services provided under the User Account.

    5. By following the above procedure resulting in the assumption account, the User guarantees and declares that he accepts to messages that the information posted by him on the Website and User Nickname are available to an unlimited circle Internet users. The above does not apply to the password to account, e-mail address, website addresses for accounts maintained by User on social media, image and travel preferences, however The user may consent to this data being visible to other Website Users.

    6. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, for the purpose correct account creation, it is necessary to provide the address e-mail.In order to make easier contact, the User may also provide other contact details, such as phone number.

    7. Each User has the right to access their data, as well as the right correct and edit them using the User panel.

    8. The account may be deleted by the Service Provider without prior notice User notification, which will result in complete and irretrievable deletion of the Account, if the Service Provider determines that the User violates the provisions of the Regulations.

    9. The user may also delete his account himself.

  6. Submitting inquiries about Product availability
    1. The submitted inquiries about the availability of the Product are forwarded directly to the Advertiser along with contact details, indicated by the Website User. A reply message will be provided transferred to the User directly from the Advertiser.

    2. It is not possible to make a reservation for a Product directly via Service.

  7. Newsletter
    1. The Newsletter service consists in sending by the Service Provider, on User's e-mail address, messages in the form of electronic mail containing notifications about new information posted by the Service Provider on the website of the Service and offers of companies that are Advertisers on the Website.

    2. The Newsletter service can be used by any User who will enter your e-mail address, making use of this for the purpose, the form provided by the Service Provider on the Website.

    3. Concluded upon joining the newsletter by the User the contract for the provision of the service by electronic means is concluded Newsletter.

  8. Contact via the contact form and e-mail addresses indicated on the Website
    1. The Contact form service consists in sending via the form on the Website for messages to the Service Provider.

    2. In order to use the service, the User fills in the form made available on the Website and sends the completed form by road electronic to the Service Provider.

    3. You can also use the addresses to contact the Service Provider e-mail indicated on the Website, by sending a message directly to this e-mail address.

  9. Joining the Search Engine (Paid Service)
    1. Each Website User may offer their Product through joining the Search Engine. In order to use this Service The user fills in a dedicated form located at .................. .. and sends the completed form to the Service Provider.

    2. After submitting the completed form, the User receives immediately, by e-mail to the e-mail address given in the form, confirmation of joining the Search Engine.

    3. At that moment, a road service contract is concluded the electronic service of joining the Search Engine, and the User gains the ability to access the Services available as part of this functionalities.

    4. Payment details will be agreed individually between Service Provider and Advertiser via e-mail.

    5. The advertiser can take advantage of the following packages paid:

      1. Package BASIC,

      2. Package COMFORT,

      3. Package PREMIUM.

    6. The Advertiser who offers the Camping Product i selects a paid "BASIC Package" and only makes the payment activation. After its completion, the Service is free of charge. The Service Provider reserves the right to liquidate the fee from time to time activation.

    7. Payment will not be automatically renewed. On 30, 14, 7 and 3 days before the expiry of the paid Service, information will be sent to the Advertiser with a link to its automatic extensions.

    8. The Advertiser may add a description and photos of the Product.

    9. The Advertiser declares that the information he provides is real and accurate and that the photos are actual photos the displayed Product.

    10. The advertiser is fully responsible for the photos and the content placed by them in the Product description, including is responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in such description. If it is found that the description or photos of the Product do not meet the requirements the requirements set out in the Regulations, the Service Provider may request Advertiser to correct the description or photo of the Product or them remove without the possibility of reimbursement of fees incurred by Advertiser.

    11. Advertiser copyrights are regulated by Chapter XII para. 3 Of the Regulations.

  10. Technical requirements necessary to use the Website

    Correct use of the Services is possible with the connected a PC, Mac or similar computer to the Internet, equipped with an operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux or similar) and the latest versions of popular browsers Internet (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari), supporting JAVA SCRIPT. Some services and tools may require access to e-mail accounts, and the use of posted video services may require Windows Media Player version 9 or later, Adobe Flash Player 9 or later, unless otherwise stated. The service provider recommends for the best possible reception the content of the Website, to use the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

  11. Posting content on the Website
    1. It is not allowed to post as part of using the Website content that may constitute an infringement of the mandatory provisions legal regulations or good manners, in particular containing obscene or vulgar content, calling to hatred, in particular because of race, gender, nationality, nationality, sexual orientation, offensive religious feelings, promoting the ideologies of Nazism and communism, harming the personal rights of any third parties, infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties, w including trademark or other distinctive signs and in copyright and related rights.

    2. The user bears full responsibility for posted by content on the Website as part of the available Services. In case of instances in relation to the Service Provider by third parties z claims for infringement of their rights by the content placed by the User, he is obliged to cover v the full amount of the damage suffered by the Service Provider in connection with these claims.

    3. The service provider is entitled in the event of suspicion or finding discrepancies posted by Users content with the Regulations or mandatory provisions the right to remove them, and in the case of the User registered to delete the account by the Service Provider in accordance with Chapter V, para. 8 of the Regulations.

    4. The information contained on the Website is only informative and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions Of the Civil Code.

  12. Copyright
    1. The information posted on the Website is protected by law copyright. Duplication, translation, storage, processing into other electronic media is prohibited. Copying and use is permitted (except use under fair use) only after obtaining the Service Provider's permission. Content and structure of the website are protected by copyright. Duplication of information, full use of the texts or

      its fragments or graphic materials, it requires prior written consent. Publication and Reproduction Rights only the Service Provider is entitled to.

    2. The User by providing content, photos and audiovisual recordings grant the Service Provider a non-exclusive license for an indefinite period of time to use these materials, for in the following fields of use:

      1. in the field of recording and reproduction - production printing, reprographic, magnetic recording techniques and digital technology,

      2. in the field of dissemination - public performance, exhibition, display, reproduction and broadcasting i rebroadcasting, as well as making it available to the public in such a way, so that everyone can have access to it in place and time chosen by them,

      3. to use them for promotional purposes of the Website.

  13. Responsibility
    1. The service provider is not responsible for the content, photos and audiovisual recordings posted by Users in The service.

    2. The Service Provider makes every effort to ensure each time, continuous and full availability of the Service provided, however, does not guarantee and is not responsible for their availability and reserves the right to amend, withdraw, suspend or interrupt any function or feature of the Service at any range and at any time. The service provider informs that the change, withdrawal, suspension or interruption of any function or The properties of the Service do not require prior announcement.

    3. The service provider is not responsible for any damage caused improper use of the Service, in particular caused by the User's use of the Service in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations.

    4. The service provider is not responsible for problems in using the Service, if they occurred as a result of events, which the Service Provider, while exercising due diligence, does not was able to predict or not to prevent and random events, e.g. as a result of force majeure.

    5. The content on the Website is for purposes only information. Any risk related to the use of the content contained on the Website shall be borne solely by the User.

    6. The website may contain links to the content posted on other websites. This does not mean that the Service Provider or the authors of the content posted on the Website take the position as to the content of such pages or are responsible for it responsibility.

  14. Complaints
    1. Complaints regarding the operation of the Website may be submitted for by e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

    2. In the title of the message, enter "COMPLAINT".

    3. The complaint should contain at least: the date and time of the event being the subject of the complaint, the complainant's e-mail address the complaint and brief justification.

    4. Complaints will be considered within 14 days after their receipt, in order of the date of receipt. In case of no possibility of keeping the above-mentioned date, the Service Provider informs the person about this fact submitting the complaint, stating the reason for the extension, as well as the estimated response time.

    5. The person submitting the complaint about the method of considering the complaint will be informed by e-mail to the e-mail address electronic specified in the complaint.

  15. The right to withdraw from the contract
    1. User who is a Consumer who concluded the contract for the provision electronic services, may withdraw from the service within 14 days her without giving any reason.

    2. The period for withdrawal starts from the date of conclusion contracts for the provision of electronic services.

    3. The user may withdraw from the contract for the provision of services by road electronically, by submitting a declaration of withdrawal to the Service Provider. The statement must be submitted by sending it to the address e-mail:…………

    4. In the event of withdrawal from the contract for the provision of services by road electronic, it is considered not included.

  16. Termination of the contract
    1. Both the User and the Service Provider may terminate the contract for providing services by electronic means with a monthly maintenance notice period with effect at the end of the month calendar, at any time and without giving reasons.

    2. The user terminates the contract for the provision of the service by road electronically by submitting an appropriate declaration of will and sending it to the email address: ……………….

    3. The service provider terminates the contract for the provision of services by road electronically by sending an appropriate one to the User declarations of will to the e-mail address provided by User.

  17. Personal data
    1. The administrator of personal data is the Service Provider who processes Users' personal data in accordance with legal regulations, in particular with regulations Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in in connection with the processing of personal data and on a free basis the flow of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (Journal U. UE. L. of 2016, No. 119, p. 1 as amended. d) and the Act of on May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1781).

    2. Information on the principles of personal data processing (policy privacy), is available at www.camprest.com/privacy-policy

  18. Dispute settelement
    1. In the event of a dispute arising from the concluded contract for providing the service by electronic means, the parties will endeavor to resolve the matter amicably.

    2. The Service Provider informs the User who is a Consumer about the possibility of recourse to out-of-court methods of examination complaints and redress. The European Commission since 15 February 2016, at the address http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr provides a platform for the online resolution system disputes between consumers and traders at the level EU (ODR platform).

    3. Settlement of any disputes between the Service Provider, a The User will be submitted to a competent common court due to the seat of the Service Provider.

    4. Our email address as a potential point contact in these matters is: [email protected]

    5. The law applicable to the settlement of any disputes arising on the basis of these Regulations is Polish law.

  19. Final Provisions
    1. The user who knows the message, any content posted by another User is inconsistent with this Regulations, may report this fact to the Service Provider by sending information to the following email address: ………………………………….

    2. The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these Regulations. The amendment to the Regulations does not apply to Agreements concluded before its date changes.

    3. The Regulations are changed by publishing their new content on the website of the Service, upon prior notification of this fact. Information about changes to the Regulations is provided in The Website no later than 7 days before the start date its validity and the Service Provider additionally sends information to the e-mail address provided by the User. Where The user is obliged not to accept the new content of the Regulations notify the Service Provider of this fact, which results in termination the contract.

    4. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the application have the relevant provisions of Polish law.

    5. The regulations come into force on the day 28.03.2022 r.