Family camping - what equipment to take?

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Camping is a great idea for a family trip out of town. Thanks to it, you can relax after an exhausting week at work, relax in the bosom of nature or indulge in your favorite activity, for example fishing. Find out what devices are worth taking with you when traveling to be prepared for any occasion.

Basic camping equipment

If you are wondering what to take for a camping trip, in addition to things like a tent, sleeping bags or camping chairs, it is worth buying wireless devices . When traveling in a camper, it is worth taking a powerful car compressor with you . With different endings:

  • you will fill the tires of your car or bicycle with air ,
  • you can inflate and deflate a large inflatable boat or swimming mattress.

The RYOBI® inverter will also be useful during a family trip. Thanks to it , wherever there is no access to an electrical socket, you can charge :

  • laptop,
  • radio,
  • portable heater,
  • loudspeakers,
  • drone.

It's also a good idea to take a wireless USB adapter with you. Thanks to it, you can quickly charge your smartphone or tablet , which will allow you to communicate with friends, browse the Internet or listen to your favorite music without worrying that the battery will suddenly run out.

What else should be included in camping equipment? On hot summer days, a compact fan will be essential. It's good that it has a built-in transport handle and adjustable blow strength. Activities performed in the evening and at night will be facilitated by a foldable, battery-powered lamp that can be placed in a standing, bent or hanging position. Thanks to it, you can organize a barbecue after sunset.

Saws and pruners will also be useful in many situations. For example , a miniature reciprocating saw is the ideal equipment for trimming small trees and shrubs to stock up on firewood.

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What else will be useful when camping?

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When going on a family camping trip, it is worth taking handy tools with you - they will be useful both when you choose to go camping or when traveling in a camper or caravan. In many situations it is necessary:

  • a compact folding knife - thanks to it you can cut sausages for the grill or you will be able to properly peel mushrooms, i.e. cut them close to the ground,
  • tinted safety glasses that will protect your eyes, e.g. when loading wood for a bonfire, and will also be an effective barrier against sunlight while driving a car,
  • scissors , thanks to which you can quickly cut cardboard, nylon or textiles if necessary.

Among camping supplies, a multitool is particularly useful. It will be used for cutting wire, sawing various surfaces and opening bottles and cans.

Nothing improves your mood like a family camping trip listening to your favorite music . Therefore, before leaving, it is worth purchasing a wireless RYOBI radio with Bluetooth technology , thanks to which you will be able to listen to songs from your smartphone or tablet, as well as music stations. To increase the range and enhance the sound, it is worth purchasing a speaker with a built-in bass horn .

If you're going camping in your RV, don't forget a handheld vacuum cleaner . It will keep your vehicle tidy, which is especially important when traveling with children or animals. Take an impact wrench with you just in case. In an emergency situation, when a tire is punctured, the wheel can be easily replaced. Learn more about how RYOBI® tools make car care easier .

Why take RYOBI® tools with you camping?

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Family camping will become a pleasure if you equip yourself with the right tools before the start - thanks to which you will be prepared for various situations . The best idea is devices that work without a cable , i.e. those that you can use when you cannot get electricity from the network . This applies not only to trips with a tent, but in many cases also to traveling in a camper - such equipment will be useful when:

  • there will be no electricity in the campsite , e.g. due to unfavorable weather conditions,
  • the stop takes place in a place where it is not possible to connect to the network .

By choosing power supplies and converters , a reciprocating saw or a RYOBI® radio, you can use the ONE+™ system . It allows you to power many devices with one battery . This is beneficial from the point of view of use - you do not have to take several chargers with you camping , which is especially important when hiking.

Other benefits of RYOBI® power tools include:

  • compactness - the devices are small and light, so even if you need to take them in a backpack, carrying them will not be burdensome,
  • durability – there is no need to charge the devices frequently, so you can perform many activities on one power supply.

Ease of use is also important, thanks to many useful solutions . For example, RYOBI® inverters are equipped with LED lighting , which allows operation in the dark. Thanks to the ONE+™ wireless equipment, camping will become a pleasure, regardless of the conditions in which you will rest.

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