How to pack in the mountains in 3 steps?

How to pack in the mountains in 3 steps? – main image

Packing a backpack for a trip to the mountains seems to be a difficult task, as there are so many things that may be useful during the trip. Nevertheless, it turns out that you can pack the necessary things in a few simple steps, while being sure that you will not forget to take anything with you.

Step 1: Check the weather forecast and choose appropriate accessories

The first thing we need to do, before we start packing our backpack, is to check the forecast weather. What is most important here is the time of year at which we intend to make a smaller or larger trip. In winter, we must not forget to take with us:

  • thermal underwear,
  • crampons,
  • spiked shoe covers,
  • warm gloves,
  • warm coat.

In summer, it is good to have in your backpack:

If the weather is not good, you can take an additional fleece with you, but if the sun is expected to be hot, it is also a good idea to take sunscreen, a hat or scarf, or sunglasses . Remember that the weather in the mountains can be very changeable and it may turn out that despite the forecasts there will be light rain or it will be cold on higher routes - for this reason it is worth packing in advance and taking too many things rather than too little.

Step 2: Snacks and drinks that will be useful in the mountains

When going on a trip to the mountains, we will need snacks and drinks that we can reach for at any time . Of course, we can usually buy them on site, but if we spend most of the day traversing mountain trails, we may not feel like visiting supermarkets. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a thermos with you in which you can carry warm coffee or tea. It is necessary not only in winter, but also in summer, because in the mountains we may struggle with pressure drops that need to be raised somehow, for example by drinking drinks with caffeine or theine. On colder days, it is worth taking warm soup with you, which will not only give you energy, but also help maintain optimal body temperature. It is also good to have energy bars or high-calorie snacks in your backpack, especially if you are going to higher parts of the mountains, where it is difficult to find any shops or restaurants.

Step 3: Pack useful extra accessories

When packing for the mountains, you should also consider what additional accessories you may need . In this context, a lot depends on whether we are going on an expedition alone or planning to do it with a child. Regardless of whether we intend to conquer new peaks or just hike mountain trails, it is good to have a change of clothes with us. The longer our trip lasts, the more such sets we should take with us. A women's T-shirt - , replacement pants or additional pairs of long socks will work perfectly here.

However, if we are traveling with a child, be sure to take spare sets for him too. In the case of babies, take a comfortable carrier with you in which the child can rest during the route. Let's not forget about seemingly trivial things, such as sunscreen or protective cream for winter. It is also worth having antiseptic fluid or frostbite ointment with you. Disposable wet wipes and hand disinfectant gel also work well during mountain trips. These are things without which every trip will be successful, but with them it will be much simpler and more enjoyable.

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