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Travelbus is just leaving for the unknown

By bus into the unknown - this is the title of the next expedition of TheTravelbus travel project! Hungry for adventures and curious about the world - with this feeling, six young people set off to distant parts of our continent. Young travelers will explore Europe in a 26-year-old bus. The organizers prepared for the expedition for almost half a year. Everything has been buttoned up. The bus has been renovated and improved especially for travel use. Young Tourists experienced during the previous "Bus Around Western Europe" expedition are eager to learn about other cultures and make new friends.

TheTravelbus - By Bus Through Western Europe – image 1
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TheTravelbus - By Bus Through Western Europe

This is how it started. Make something out of nothing, something extraordinary, original, thrilling and crazy at the same time. Going back to the past, I remembered the good old bus my brother had. It made a great impression on me. Despite its age, it was a car that stood out in the parking lot, all thanks to its climate. Busik VW T3 is a car that evokes a lot of positive emotions in people and it was the same with me. As soon as I got behind the wheel of the iconic bus, I felt an atmosphere that I had not felt while sitting in any other car. At that time, I was already thinking about buying such a bus with a view to traveling into the unknown. This is it! - I thought and without hesitation I decided to fulfill my old dream. Without delay, I turned my thoughts into action and started my travelbus adventure: I set up a profile on facebook "TheTravelbus" and started looking for an ideal base for an expedition bus. The project was developing incredibly fast and, to my surprise, it had many fans who maybe did not fully believe in its implementation, but were very much cheering for it, for which I would like to thank you very much!.