Travelbus is just leaving for the unknown

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By bus into the unknown - this is the title of the next expedition of TheTravelbus travel project! Hungry for adventures and curious about the world - with this feeling, six young people set off to distant parts of our continent. Young travelers will explore Europe in a 26-year-old bus.

Long preparations

The organizers prepared for the expedition for almost half a year. Everything has been buttoned up. The bus has been renovated and improved especially for travel use. Young Tourists experienced during the previous "Bus Around Western Europe" expedition are eager to learn about other cultures and make new friends.

A month of driving without a detailed plan

Interestingly, the team intends to cover about 8,000 km in less than a month. This time the direction is unknown, which makes the trip even more exciting. Where will they go? "Even they themselves can't see it!" The name may indicate that they will travel identifying new countries or cities to visit on an ongoing basis. Where did the idea for such a trip come from? After all, before planning a trip, everyone determines the route in detail. People are afraid of challenges, new adventures. Travelbus users go against it. They say - "We are not like that!" Travelbus will travel without a plan through the wonderful countries of our Europe. Young globetrotters are not afraid of anything. They are like fearless, colorful superheroes, the world seems to lie at their feet. Wojciech Kostek - the originator and founder of the project, says - "Each adventure carries something positive, unknown, mysterious. All these moments remain in our memories. When I come back to memories from last year's expedition, a smile appears on my face. I invite you to read the report from our trip last year .

The VW T3 is the perfect car for an expedition

We are open-minded and hungry for adventures. We hope that this year, what we will see and experience while traveling by Travelbus will be an inspiration and encouragement to get involved in further such projects. Some may wonder why the TheTravelbus team is taking a 26-year-old bus on such a long journey. Well, the old bus has many advantages. The age of the vehicle makes it look fashionable and iconic. It is the main element of the project. The name "The Travelbus" didn't come out of nowhere. It might even seem that this car has a soul. The founder of the project convinces with a smile - "Check it out!" The great advantage of the car is the easy-to-use engine and mechanics of the bus. They do not require specialized equipment to repair even the biggest faults. You can follow the expedition and the fate of travelbus users directly on the project fanpage and on the official website

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“The difference between people who pursue their dreams and the rest of the world is not the wealth of their wallets. your dreams "- Wojciech Cejrowski

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