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For a "boost" in Krościenko on the Dunajec River – image 1
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For a "boost" in Krościenko on the Dunajec River

At the end of the "nominal" holiday in 2013, which we spent at Lake Balaton ( ) - partly due to the remaining insufficiency (the stay in Hungary was shorter than planned due to the plague of food poisoning), and also because it announced It was a beautiful, weather-friendly weekend - we decided to go ... somewhere :) The plan was spontaneous and envisaged a few-day visit to Lake Rożnowskie. I, like me, do not go anywhere without a google reconnaissance - this is what spontaneity I have in me. I entered the slogan campsite on the Internet and here is the link " Campsite Tabaszowa-Witkówka invites you" I think it is a fairy tale, but to be sure I opened the website, I look - the longest sandy beach on Rożnów, beautiful photos of the lake at night, well generally gorgeous. I think - we're going. The road from Kielce is not too long, so we traveled calmly, admiring the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. When I got there, I noticed a disturbing symptom - the navigation showed a target of 0.5 km and I could see maybe 100m towards the lake ... but with the slope down. Something is wrong I thought. I have stood in front of a store and is examining the matter on the map. Well, everything is correct. So I did not boldly turn into the path leading towards the lake. Its slope grew with each meter, making me slightly concerned - I quickly switched to the mountain driving style - we brake the engine but he could not cope so slowly, using the brakes, I was going down. At the end of the road there was actually a camping, or maybe more like a campsite, camping - I don't know how to categorize it myself. We went with my wife to the reception - asking for vacancies. Lady - I think the owner, that they are, so we are where there are toilets and consternation here, the owner.